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Installers for PC - old versions
You should only download an old version if you have serious trouble with the latest update. Usually, there is no need to install an old version as all updates that we release are properly downward compatible. Old versions can be incompatible with the latest soundsets, have less features and offer lower sound-quality.
To be able to run the full version you require a valid licence and a key-file. If you don't own a full version you can purchase the product or download the free demo.
PC 64bit PC 32bit Version number
Icarus 2 download download / 2.0 what's new?
Icarus 1 download download 1.6 what's new?
Tone2 Electra2 download download 2.11.2 / 2.8.0 what's new?
Nemesis 2 download download 2.4 / 1.6 what's new?
RayBlaster 2 download download 2.9.2 / 2.6 what's new?
Saurus 3 download download 3.4 / 2.6 what's new?
Gladiator 3 download download 3.5.4 / 3.0 what's new?
AkustiX download download 1.2 what's new?
Multi-FX download download 1.2.1 what's new?
FilterBank 3 download download 3.4 what's new?
BiFilter 2 download download 2.3 what's new?
FireBird - download 2.1 -
UltraSpace download download 1.0 -
Old versions for PC
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