Update details - Tone2 Warmverb Multi-FX VST AU effect plugin

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Update details
Warmverb Multi-FX 1.2.1  (free update)

  • Windows 8/10 compatibility
  • Enhanced compatibility with other plugins
  • Fixed a possible crash
  • More easy installation

Warmverb Multi-FX 1.2  (free update)

  • 64 Bit support for PC
  • SSE2 support
  • Slightly improved performance
  • Improved compatibility for Windows7 and Vista Systems
  • Smart installer which automatically fixes possible Windows7 compatibility problems of VST directory
  • Improved host compatibility
  • Important Popups are always displayed on top
  • Many minor improvements
  • Removed a small click after silence
  • Fixed high CPU of demo version on Mac
  • Fixed a possible crash on Mac

Warmverb Multi-FX 1.1  (free update)

  • Added Trancegate effect
  • Added early 3 reflection effects
  • Added Aliaser effect
  • Bypass switches for effects
  • Additional serial routing scheme: IN->FX1->FX2->EQ->FX3->FX4->OUT
  • 43 new presets
  • Improved sound of 'Reverb large' and 'Reverb ultra'
  • Vocoder can be tuned by sending midi notes to Warmverb.
  • Improved performance
  • Blue glow for activated buttons
  • Stereo enhancer swapped left and right channel
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