Update details - Tone2 FilterBank VST AU effect plugin

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Update details
FilterBank 3.4 (free update)

  • Fixed a rarely appearing crash on PC that could happen if certain plugins from other companies are loaded at the same time
  • Windows 8 and 10 compatibility

FilterBank 3.3 (free update)

  • 64 Bit version for PC
  • Standalone Synthesizer version for PC
  • PC installer automatically detects VST directory
  • Improved compatibility for Windows7 and Vista Systems
  • Improved stability
  • Various workarounds for several host bugs
  • Faster loading
  • Improved performance

FilterBank 3.2 (free update)

  • Faster loading and saving
  • Fixed hanging notes is Sonar and other hosts
  • Bigger display of values
  • Larger threshold of limiter
  • Improved performance
  • Added licence ageement
  • Improved sound: Less aggressive treble
  • Dry/wet knob did not work in FX version
  • Improved timing
  • PC: load/save window does not longer vanish after moving it
  • Mac: Fixed a crash on creating a directory in save dialog

FilterBank  3.1 (free update)

New features:

  • MAC version available (Universal Binary, VST and AU)
  • 114 additional presets (Thanks to Bastiaan van Noord)
  • exact value of cuoff is displayed in Hz now
  • username is displayed on startup
  • Pitchwheel support in synth version


  • Labels and values for automation parameters available
  • Improved old presets
  • Limiter sounds softer
  • No clipping of out-of-range input signals
  • Improved FilterBank2 preset compatibility
  • Improved frequency/gain response of filters:
    LP 30dB, LP Fat, LP Oct, HP 30dB, HP Fat, LP SVF, HP SVF, BP SVF, BP 15dB, Lowshelf, Highshelf, Equalizer,
  • Improved sound of filters:
    Vocal IEAOU, Vocal A, Vocal U, Vocal E, Vocal I, Vocal O

Bug fixes:

  • Plugin rarely crashed on closing/opening the interface
  • Lowest line on display was not erased on startup
  • Plugin could have crashed on copy/paste/random/reset
  • Plugin could have been muted after pressing random
  • Fixed a mistype inside the STEP sequencer
  • Passes Auval tests on MAC
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