Update details - Tone2 AkustiX VST AU effect plugin

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Update details
Akustix 1.2  (free update)

  • Fixed a rarely appearing crash on PC that could happen if certain plugins from other companies are loaded at the same time
  • Windows 8 and 10 compatibility

AkustiX 1.1  (free update)

This update includes a drastic enhancement in sound quality, lower latency, improved performance, per-channel insert support and 64 bit Mac versions.

  • Enhanced performance
  • Drastically reduced latency of loudness, stereo widener, EQ, Lazer Punch, exciter, mono
  • Enhanced sound of virtual surround, silky surround, tone, diffuse cream, noise reduction, clarity enhance
  • New exciter algorithm
  • Faster loading
  • Smart installers for PC and Mac which automatically detect the plugin directory
  • 64 bit Mac versions (VST and AU plugin; universal binary; requires OSX 10.5 or higher)
  • 0 ms latency (if host supports it)
  • Enhanced resampling in 48, 88 & 96 kHz
  • Additional HF filter for 88 & 96 kHz for smoother sound
  • Fixed an exotic bug where programs were not loaded properly

Additional notes:

The main task of AkustiX is enhancement, mastering and audio restauration. AkustiX should be placed as an insert effect which processes the sum of all channels, because some dynamic psychoakustic effects like fatbass or clarity enhance only can work in this way. However AkustiX v1.1 can now also be loaded as an insert effect for single channels, since may users requested this. We recommend to run AkustiX with 44kHz.
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