Tone2 Warlock Synthesizer VST VST3 plugin

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Tone2 Warlock VSTi VST3 synthesizer Tone2 Warlock VSTi VST3 synthesizer
Warlock - new! €59 $69

Warlock is a mighty digital synthesizer that comes with a reduced user-interface to facilitate an efficient workflow. It offers high-end sound-quality and ships with 2140 patches. The random-button can generate an unlimited number of useful sounds. Warlock ist ein mächtiger digitaler Synthesizer, der mit einem reduzierten Nutzer-Interface einen effizienten Workflow ermöglicht. Er bietet high-end Klang und 2140 Sounds. Der Random-Button erzeugt eine unbegrenzte Anzahl an ungehörten aber nützlichen sounds.

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  • Can create completely new sounds, but covers also traditional synthesis
  • True high-end sound-quality for a low price
  • Contains 2140 factory-sounds created by professionals
  • Limited feature-set, but huge sonic range
  • Low CPU-usage
  • Suitable for beginners as well as experts
  • Created by an established audio-developer with 25 years of experience


  • Very easy to use
  • Reduced user-interface to facilitate an efficient and fast workflow
  • The random-button with 'artificial intelligence' can generate an unlimited number of unheard but musically useful patches
  • Immediate visual feedback makes it easy to tweak and understand
  • Full-HD, 4K, 8K and hi-DPI support
  • Scale-able GUI with 9 different sizes


  • Kann komplett neue als auch klassische Klänge erzeugen
  • Echte high-end Klangqualität zu einem niedrigen Preis
  • Beeinhaltet 2140 Factory-Sounds von professionellen Designern
  • Riesiges Klangspektrum trotz reduziertem Feature-Set
  • Niedrige CPU-Last
  • Geeignet für Anfänger als auch für Profis
  • Entwickelt von einem etablierten Spezialisten mit 25 Jahren Erfahrung


  • Sehr einfach zu bedienen
  • Das reduzierte Nutzer-Interface ermöglicht einen effizeinten und schnellen Workflow
  • Der Random-Button kann eine unbegrenzte Zahl an ungehörten aber nützlichen Sounds erzeugen
  • Viel visuelles Feedback macht die Bedienung einfach und leicht verständlich
  • Full-HD, 4K, 8K und hi-DPI Unterstützung
  • Skalierbare GUI mit 9 verschiedenen Größen

Patch Browser

He you get access to an inspiring library with production-ready sounds. Warlock comes with an astounding collection of 2140(!) hand-picked patches. Each sound has been carefully built by a professional sound-designer and has been crafted with a lot of love and great attention to detail. The patches are very easy-to-mix and are in perfect sync to your track tempo. All patches have been sorted into categories and you can find quickly what you need.

Play Modes

Warlock offers several different play-modes:
Monophonic, Legato and Polyphonic.
The Glide-time can by synchronized to your DAW's BPM-rate.
Our smart and innovative micro-tuning algorithm enhances your chords.


Warlock comes with an easy-to-use, but high-end quality effects-section. It offers stereo archictecture and two modular slots. You can select from 18 different effect types:

- Reverb: A reverb with variable decay-time. Big decay values will result in an infinite reverb-loop.
- Reverb bright: A bright sounding reverb.
- Delay: An echo-like delay which syncs to BPM.
- Delay FB: A delay with feedback that syncs to BPM.
- PingPong: A delay that pans left and right and syncs to BPM.
- PingPong FB: A PingPong delay with feedback.
- Chorus: A classic Chorus.
- Phaser: A classic Phaser.
- Flanger: A classic Flanger.
- Rotary: A rotary-speaker effect known from Organs.
- Reverb + Delay: A combined Reverb and Delay.
- Reverb + PingPo: A combined Reverb and PingPong delay.
- Ensemble + Rev: A mix of an ensemble effect and a Reverb.
- Rectify: A hard-knee distortion-effect.
- Degrader: A lo-fi effect that sounds like cheap digital devices.
- Reverb big: A large Reverb with dense reflections.
- Reverb big dark: A large Reverb with a dark sound.
- Multitap: A multi-tap delay with 19 different rhythmic patterns.
- Off: Effect is bypassed

What is Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM)?

We analyzed the spectras of natural instruments and synthesizer sounds, to produce harmonic content snapshots of various sounds which have been included in the synthesizer as spectrum-tables. Each snapshot in a spectrum--table is equivalent to a traditional single oscillator waveform, and each spectrum-table has 256 snapshots. Warlock includes 84 spectrum-tables. In total more than 14.000 spectra are contained. The spectrum-tables can be used just like traditional waveforms in subtractive synths, but then you can:

- Modify the spectrum-table by changing the harmonic structure of the sound. You can make the sound become warm or sharp or silky or stack harmonics…
- Control the playback of snapshots in each spectrum-table, over a chosen time period. In other words, you can alter the sound over time.

Spectrum Modifier

Each spectrum-table can be altered with 25 different modifier-algorithms. The modifier alters the harmonic structure of the sound.
You can choose from the following modifiers:

- Off: No spectral modification occurs
- Mix Octave: Mix with one octave up
- Mix X4: Mix with two octaves up
- Mix Layer: Mix with a layer of octaves
- Hollow: Sets all even harmonics to 0, to give a tone like a square waveform
- Bell: Bell sound harmonics, similar to sounds that can be derived from FM synthesis
- Warm: Makes sound warmer and more bassy
- Shrink: Shrinks the spectrum and results in a warmer sound
- Spread: Makes sound sharper with more treble
- Shift up: Moves all harmonics up, resulting ion a brighter sound
- Silky: Makes the waveform sound more silky, soft and noisy
- Multi 1: Sounds like several waves are playing at once for a thicker sounds
- Multi 2: Sounds like several waves are playing at once for a thicker sound
- Multi Flange1: Adds a flange effect to the sound
- Multi Flange2: Another flanger-like sound
- Multi Hyper1: Sounds like several noisy waves are playing at once
- Multi Hyper2: Sounds like several noisy waves are playing at once
- Filter LP down: Low pass filter with falling cutoff
- Noise: Adds noise
- Time: Rotate spectrum in time
- Time Chaos: Rotate spectrum in time with silky sound
- Sync: Provides a sync-like sound, similar to the oscillator-sync function found in some substractive synthesizers


With this knob you can define how many partials are contained in the spectrum. If you set it to 1 only a sine wave will remain. Low values result in a warm and organ-like sound. High values give a bright sound.

Loop Mode & Loop Speed

Loopmode offers 18 different ways how the spectrum-tables can be played back:
You can play them forward (+), backward (-), jump to random positions (?), stop the loop or do any combination of these.

Loopspeed defines how fast the morphing is performed. It defines the time it takes to cycle through the spectrum.
- auto: Tries to automatically detect the best loopspeed
- Hz: A fixed loopspeed, in Hertz.
- BPM: Host synced loopspeed. BPM*2 Means the loopspeed will be twice the hosts BPM rate.
- Key follow: The higher the note, the faster the cycling speed.

Ring Modulation

Warlock comes with a special oscillator for ring-modulation. RING controls the tuning of this oscillator. RING MIX defines the volume of the ring-modulation. Ring-modulation shifts the frequency spectrum of the oscillator and generates additional harmonics.


The VOLUME section is used to control volume characteristics like Volume, Velocity sensitivity, Volume-Envelope Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release.
Warlock also offers an auxilary envelope called ENV. It can be used to control various parameters like pitch, ring-modulation, partials, resonace,...
It allows you to modulate parameters with audio-rate speed.

Hypersaw & Stack Mode

Warlock offers two oscillator-blocks. Each one again can contain up to 10 detuned hypersaw-oscillators and a sub-oscillator.
We've expanded the popular hypersaw concept with a stereo-processing, precise phase-control and the ability to make single oscillators play chords.
Warlock offers true stereo-oscillators and very wide sound. Unlike conventional synthesizers, the Hypersaws in Warlock are phase-optimized. This means that the amount of beating is minimized statistically. As a result, you get a sound that does not suffer from huge gain-peaks and has more pressure. You also do not have to care about the mono-compatibility of your mix any longer.
Classic Hypersaws are limited to sawtooths. In Warlock you can combine this mode with any kind of waveform or spectrum-table.

37 different modes are available:

- 1x mono - Single osc. This is the classic mode which is used by conventional synthesizers.
- 2x / 3x / 5x / 7x / 9x mono - Several detuned mono-oscs are stacked.
- 2x / 4x / 6x / 8x / 10x stereo - Several detuned stereo-oscs are stacked.
- 2:1 mono octave: Two detuned oscs are stacked. The second osc plays one octave higher.
- 2:1 stereo octave: Four detuned stereo oscs are stacked. The second pair plays one octave higher.
- 3:1 / 4:1 / 3:2 / 5:2 / 4:3 / 5:3 / 5:4 mono: Two detuned oscs are stacked to play a chord.
- 3:1 / 4:1 / 3:2 / 5:2 / 4:3 / 5:3 / 5:4 stereo: Four detuned oscs are stacked to play a stereo-chord.
- 1:2:3 / 1:2:4 / 1:2:3:4 / 1:2:4:8 mono: Several oscs with different octaves are stacked.
- 1:2:3 / 1:2:4 / 1:2:3:4 / 1:2:4:8 stereo: Several stereo-oscs with different octaves are stacked.
- Autochord 2x: Plays a chord with 2 keys. The second osc plays a minor or major third higher.
- Autochord 3x: Plays a chord with 3 keys.

Breathy / Noisy

Makes the sound noisy and can create a breathy, voice-like sound.
It can be combined with any kind of waveform, spectrum-table or hypersaw.


Warlock comes with a powerful filter-section. Our synthesizer offers 38 exciting filter types and true stereo-architechture.

- 6 different lowpass filter types (LP), digital and analog with self-oscillation.
- 2 highpass filter types (HP).
- 4 different bandpass filte types (BP).
- Notch filter.
- Low Shelf: Boosts low frequencies.
- High Shelf: Boosts high frequencies.
- Phaser: Sounds like a phaser-effect-unit.
- M-Shape: A combined low- and highpass.
- Resampler: A lo-fi effect that sounds like a cheap digital device.
- Aliaser: A lo-fi effect that mirrors frequencies and sounds disharmonic.
- FM: Frequency-modulation with various waveforms.
- Ringmod: Various ring-modulation modes.
- Fractal: A noisy and chaotic filter.
- EQ peak: These modes boost the frequencies around cutoff.
- Resonator: A comb-filter useful for effect sounds.
- Vocal: Several vocal-filters that sound like the human voice.

Many filter-types are exclusive and not available from other companies, which results in a wide range of unique sounds that cannot be produced by other synthesizers. All filters are musical useful and have really different sonic characteristics.
An animated display shows the frequency-response and gives you immediate visual feedback. This makes it very easy to understand and tweak the filter-behavior.
The DRIVE knob is used to adjust the amount of signal that is being fed into a distortion module (per voice).


Warlock has and LFOs with 20 different waveforms and BPM-sync.
You can modulate all important parameters with audio-rate speed.
If you route the LFO to Volume it can also be used as a Trancegate.

Arpeggiator / Gate

Warlock comes with an easy-to-use, but powerful Arpeggiator. It offers 22 play-modes and 28 rhythmic-patterns.

The following modes are available:

Up / Down / Alternate with 0, 1, 2 or 3 octaves:
The arpeggiator plays each of the keys being pressed in order, and with an increasing octave range.
Larger octave values will cause the arpeggiator pattern to cover a larger ranges of notes.

Rhythmically triggers a complete chord at once.

1 Finger:
These types automatically play a chord in the key chosen.

Random Button

The random-button can generate an unlimited number of unheard but musically useful patches!
Unlike the random functions of conventional synthesizers this button rarely creates garbage. We implemented a special 'artificial intelligence' that generates really good and unique results.
Click this for instant inspiration!

Interface Size

Here you can change the size of the GUI.
Warlock offers Full-HD, 4K, 8K and hi-DPI support.
The interface has 9 different sizes.


  • 84 oscillator-types (spectra) with over 14.000 waveforms
  • All spectra can be altered, morphed and looped
  • Polyphonic, monophonic, legato & glide
  • A realtime-display shows the currently playing waveform
  • Stack-able oscillators (mono & stereo) for extremely fat sounds
  • Noise-modulation for breathy sounds
  • Precise control over phase for punchy sounds
  • Limitable number of partials for warm and clean sounds
  • Up to 24 oscillators per voice
  • Hypersaw (mono & stereo)
  • Automatic chords
  • Sub-oscillator
  • Ring-modulation


  • 38 sonically different filter-types
  • Digital types as well as analog ones with self-oscillation
  • A realtime-display shows the current frequency-response
  • True stereo-architecture for the filters, oscillators and effects
  • Traditional filter-types: Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, notch, EQs, Phaser
  • Many unique ones: Vocal, Aliaser, Resampler, Ringmod, Fractal, FM, Resonator, ...


  • 2 modular effect-slots with 18 different effect-types
  • Distortion (per voice)
  • Automatic and smart micro-tuning for enhancing chords
  • Arpeggiator with 22 play-modes and 28 rhythmic-patterns


  • Extremely fast envelopes for punchy sounds
  • 20 LFO-types, syncable to BPM
  • 3 envelopes
  • flexible routing

System requirements

PC: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (64 bit)
Supported formats: VST 2.4 (64 bit), VST 3 (64 bit), Standalone

Mac: macOS 10.12 or higher/ macOS 11, 12, 13, 14
Supported formats: VST 3, AudioUnit
Native support for 64bit Intel and M1 and M2

User-friendly copy-protection: No dongle, does not install an additional 'license-manager' or driver, no cloud, no data-collection, no need to be online


  • 84 Oscillator-Typen (Spektren) mit über 14.000 Wellenformen
  • Alle Spekten können verändert, gemorpht oder geloopt werden
  • Polyphonic, Monophonic, Legato & Glide
  • Ein Echtzeit-Display zeigt die aktuell gespielte Wellenform
  • Stapelbare Oszillatoren (mono & stereo) für extrem fette Sounds
  • Noise-Modulation für hauchige Sounds
  • Präzise Kontrolle über die Phasenlage für Sounds mit viel Punch
  • Limitierbare Anzahl an Obertönen für warme and klare Klänge
  • Bis zu 24 Oscillatoren pro Stimme
  • Hypersaw (mono & stereo)
  • Automatische Akkorde
  • Sub-Oszillator
  • Ring-Modulation


  • 38 klanglich unterschiedliche Filtertypen
  • Digitale Typen also auch analoge mit Selbstoszillation
  • Ein Echtzeit-Display zeigt den aktuellen Frequenzgang
  • Echte Stereo-Achitektur für die Filter, Oszillatoren und Effekte
  • Traditionelle Filtertypen: Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Notch, EQs, Phaser
  • Viele einzigartige Filtertypen: Vocal, Aliaser, Resampler, Ringmod, Fractal, FM, Resonator, ...


  • 2 modulare Effekt-Slots mit 18 verschiedenen Effekt-Typen
  • Distortion (pro Stimme)
  • Automatisches und schlaues Micro-Tuning zur Verbesserung von Akkorden
  • Arpeggiator mit 22 Spielmodi und 28 Rhythmus-Patterns


  • Extrem schnelle Hüllkurven für viel Punch
  • 20 LFO-typen, synchronisierbar zu BPM
  • 3 Hüllkurven
  • Flexibles Routing


PC: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (64 bit)
Unterstütze Formate: VST 2.4 (64 bit), VST 3 (64 bit), Standalone

Mac: macOS 10.12 oder höher / macOS 11, 12, 13, 14
Unterstützte Formate: VST 3, AudioUnit
Native Unterstützung für 64bit Intel und M1 und M2

Nutzerfreundlicher Kopierschutz: Kein Dongle, keine 'Lizenzmanager-' oder Treiberinstallation, keine Cloud, keine Datensammelei, kein Onlinezwang


"Big sound, lots of power, flexible, easy, little price. A powerful, feature-packed synth with a smooth workflow. Grunt, diversity, ease of use and amazing sound quality. It's all creative and very quick. Lovely ability to come up with new sounds, easily. This synth delivers more than pretty much any synth of its price (and more than many costing a heck of a lot more). Rating: 90%"

"Warlcok impresses with its characteristic sound and straightforward operation. An extremely flexible Hypersaw function and a stereo option provide wide, fat sounds. Warlock offers an independent concept for creating assertive and punchy sounds of any kind. The synthesizer is easy to use, despite its complex possibilities. At a price of $69, you can't go wrong here! Rating: 93%"

"Warlock can't only create new and unusual sounds, but also classic ones. All that in the well-known high quality of the manufacturer for an absolutely attractive price. The synth doesn't need much CPU-power. The ultimate random-button creates unique and unheard sounds."

"The engine is mighty & versatile without overburdening the user. I like the simple user interface a lot. You can quickly build new sounds. Over 2100 professional sounds are available for direct synthesizer fun."

"Warlock is a very small but mighty synth, and its unassuming nature will leave you pleasantly surprised after having a play around with it..."


"Großartiger Klang, leistungsstark, flexibel, einfach zu bedienen, kleiner Preis. Ein mächtiger Synthesizer mit vielen Features und reibungslosem Workflow. Durchsetzungskräftig, vielfältig und unglaubliche Klangqualität. Alles ist inspirierend und geht schnell von der Hand. Der Random-Knopf bietet eine wunderbare Möglichkeit einfach neue Klänge zu erzeugen. Warlock bietet mehr als alle anderen Synthesizer von vergleichbarem Preis (und mehr als viele die erheblich mehr kosten). Wertung: 90%"

"Warlock überzeugt mit charakteristischem, eigenständigem Digitalsound und direkter Bedienung. Die extrem flexible Hypersaw-Funktion und eine Stereo-Option sorgen für breite, fette Sounds. Warlock bietet ein eigenständiges Konzept, um durchsetzungsfähige Sounds jeglicher Art zu erstellen. Der Synthesizer ist trotz umfangreicher Möglichkeiten leicht zu bedienen. Beim Preis von €59 kann man hier nichts falsch machen! Wertung: 93%"

"Warlock kann nicht nur neue und ungewöhnliche Sounds kreieren, sondern auch klassische Klänge erstellen. Und das in der bekannten gewohnt hohen Qualität des Herstellers zu einem absolut attraktiven Preis. Der Synthesizer besticht durch seine niedrige CPU-Last. Der ultimative Random-Button sorgt für eigenständige und noch nie gehörte Klänge."

"Die Klangerzeugung ist mächtig und vielseitig, ohne den Nutzer zu überfordern. Ich mag das simple Nutzerinterface sehr. Man kann schnell und einfach neue sounds bauen. Für sofortigen Synthesizer-Spaß werden über 2100 professionelle Klänge mitgeliefert."

"Warlock ist ein kleiner aber mächtiger Synthesizer. Sie werden angenehm überrascht sein, wenn Sie damit herumspielen..."

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