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Update details
Gladiator3 (free update)

The update to v3.0 is a major update, which is available for free for all Gladiator2 users. It includes a larger and resizable GUI, a patch browser, enhanced sound quality, a bigger sonic range, a more user-friendly interface and many new features. Gladiator3 is downward compatible. Existing song-projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benefit from the enhanced sound quality.

New features:

  • Created a new interface, which is nearly twice as large
  • By clicking on 'EDITOR SIZE' you can select from four different interface sizes
  • Added a comfortable, new patch browser
  • New sound-quality mode 'high-end'
  • 18 additional unison modes with a diverse selection of chords
  • Added context sensitive tooltips with detailed descriptions for all controls
  • The patches can be ranked by clicking on the stars in the patch browser
  • The patch rankings are stored within the file "Ranking.rnk"
  • 6 additional lfo waveforms: "Stair 4 up","Stair 8 up","Stair 4 down","Stair 8 down","Stair 4 up/down","Stair 8 up/down"
  • Added manuals in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian to the new help menu
  • New loop mode "Noise", which jumps to a random section
  • New loop mode "\/50%", which ping-pong-loops 50% of the spectrum
  • New loop mode "\/25%", which ping-pong-loops 25% of the spectrum
  • 3 additional phase-modifiers "Zzzap", which sound like a laser
  • 3 additional phase-modifiers "Boing", which sound like a reverse laser
  • 2 additional phase-modifiers "Odd noise" and "Even noise", which noisify the spectrum
  • 2 additional phase-modifiers "Odd 90" and "Even 90", which sound like a sub-oscillator
  • Information tags about the patches are shown in the patch browser
  • Extended halftone-range for the arpeggiator from -23 to +23
  • Added cross-product-compatibility: Save->'Export...' exports the sound of osc1 as an Icarus compatible wavetable in wav format
  • Video tutorials can be shown from the help menu
  • Updates and additional sounds can be accessed directly from the help menu
  • 176 additional patches

Enhancements in sound:

  • More linear frequency response for oscillators playing below 100Hz
  • More precise timing for all sample-rates
  • Replaced all micro-tuning algorithms with a better ones. The new ones are more subtle and sounds less 'detuned'.
  • The late-reverb-tail of 'Reverb small' sounds less detuned
  • The late-reverb-tail of 'Reverb large' sounds less detuned
  • The late-reverb-tail of 'Reverb ultra' sounds less detuned
  • All effects do come with default settings now and are more useable
  • Reworked factory patches

Enhancements for the interface:

  • Re-rendered the old GUI with sharper texts
  • The envelope's attack, decay, and release time is displayed in seconds
  • Registration screen is now also available in German
  • Renaming a preset is more straightforward
  • The version number now can be also shown from within help menu
  • The updated credits can be shown by clicking on help menu
  • The parameter info display is able to show longer texts now
  • Mousewheel support for knobs and list selectors
  • Double-clicking a knob or slider resets it to the default value
  • More detailed spectrum display
  • Manuals on the Mac now can be opened from within the plugin
  • Better init patch
  • Enhanced graphics
  • After loading patch names are derived from the fxp file name
  • Program name and file name are synced after saving a patch
  • Added messages boxes with info for some possible errors
  • Step speed is set to 1/1 BPM after initializing a patch
  • English manual has been updated
  • Many smaller enhancements
  • Patches are now in alphabetical order


  • Loading and saving banks can now be accessed with a new menu called 'load' and 'save'
  • Renamed some parameters to be more consistent with the industry standards
  • The envelope's fade parameter now works as expected with long attack times
  • Manuals in PDF format and Gladiatorskin.txt have been moved to Gladiator3_data
  • On the Mac support files are now stored in /Library/Application Support/Tone2/Gladiator3_data/
  • Updated some texts
  • Enhanced hardware compatibility for midi program changes
  • Some sound categories have been renamed


  • The timing in 44Khz and 48Khz could have been out-of-sync if large block-sizes were used
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed a couple of wrong pixels
  • Fixed a possible bug with 'static' loop mode
  • Compatibility fix for the 'm' key
  • Fixed a possible crash when the splash-screen was opened during closing

Gladiator 2.6 (free update)

Gladiator 2.6 is 100% downward compatible with the previous version. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benefit from the enhanced sound quality. The update is free for all Gladiator2 users.

  • Drastically enhanced sound quality, especially if you run the plugin in 44khz
  • More clean and detailed overall sound
  • Enhanced sound of the filters: More linear frequency response for high cutoffs
  • Enhanced sound of the effects section: Higher precesion interpolation
  • Enhanced sound of the distortion: Added oversampling for more crisp sound
  • Enhanced sound of the osciallors: Higher precesion interpolation
  • Added a high-end resampling algorithm
  • More linear frequency response, especially above 10 kHz
  • More tight timing
  • Enhanced stability
  • More inituitive parameter names for automation
  • More beautiful ligths for the buttons
  • Fixed a possible pop sound on opening the plugin
  • More robustness
  • Less aggressive psychoacoustic processing
  • Workaround for a host bug in Orion 8.6
  • In the Mac version patches can now be renamed from within the plugin (if the host supports it)
  • Several other minor fixes

Gladiator 2.5  (free update)

  • Windows 10 and Windows 8 compatibility
  • Enhanced stability
  • Slightly enhanced performance
  • Enhanced host compatibility
  • Slightly enhanced sound quality
  • More linear frequency response
  • Slightly better timing
  • Faster loading of PC 32 bit version
  • More easy installation
  • Several small improvements
  • Updated standalone version
  • Polished some graphics

Gladiator 2.4  (free update)

This update includes a 64 bit VST and AU version for Mac, a 64 bit standalone version for PC, a more comfortable installation and many enhancements.


  • Slightly enhanced graphics
  • The GUI code was completely rewritten. It's faster and supports alpha blending now.

New features:

  • 64 Bit VST & AU version for Mac (requires OSX 10.5 or higher)
  • 64 Bit demo for PC and Mac
  • 64 Bit standalone version for PC
  • PDF can now be be viewed from within plugin (Mac)
  • Comfortable registration
  • Smart installer for PC which automatically detects the plugin directory

Compatibility fixes:

  • Workaround for a Windows problem when mouse button is clicked for a long time
  • Fix for a possible permission problem in OSX Lion
  • Several minor fixes

Gladiator 2.3  (free update)

New features:

  • 64 bit version of VST plugin for PC
  • Standalone version for PC
  • SSE2 support
  • Scrollbars in standalone version for low resolution displays
  • Gladiator now ships with 1135 sounds (30 new ones have been added)
  • Progression and Workstation soundset have an own section in 'category'


  • Improved compatibility for Windows7 and Vista Systems
  • Improved sound quality: Better psychoacoustic processing and cleaner sound
  • Smart installer which automatically fixes possible Windows7 compatibility problems of VST directory
  • Slightly improved usability and workflow
  • Slightly lower CPU
  • Important Popups are always displayed on top
  • More precise fine tuning of knobs with shift+leftMouseButton


  • Editor is large by default
  • The soundsets can now be installed by placing Workstation.glb or Progression.glb within the plugin directory


  • Minor GUI and audio fixes
  • Workarounds for some well-known host bugs
  • Fixed a bug in 'sin spirit mode'

Gladiator 2.2  (free update)

New features, changes, fixes and improvements:

  • Smoother overall sound with more 'analog hardware-like' feeling
  • More punchy envelopes
  • Drastically improved sound of Chorus and Ensemble effect. Replaced them with an 'analog modeled' version.
  • Additional lowpass filter: LP Superfat
  • New modifier: 'Time Delay' delays an oscillator spectrum
  • New modifier: 'Pitch Harmonizer' stacks up to 16 additional harmonics to an osciallator spectrum
  • New modifier: 'Pitch Octaver' stacks up to 8 oscillators which are tuned in octaves
  • Improved Moog filter: Analog modelling with self oscillation support for high resonance
  • Smoother filter sound: Comb+, Double Comb
  • Improved LP 12dB Analog, BP 12dB Analog, HP 12dB Analog: More silky treble
  • 35 additional sounds
  • Reworked and resorted factory presets
  • Slightly improved psychoacoustical processing
  • Full version: User name is shown above preset browser
  • Improved robustness against user errors and corrupt installations
  • A warning is displayed if a user tries to register with the wrong keyfile
  • Renamed filters: "Comb1"->"Comb+","Comb2"->"Double Comb"
  • The hotkey 'm' resets the mod matrix (Note: Not all hosts support this)
  • Gladiator banks (glb files) contain now up to 4096 presets
  • Fixed (Fullversion on Mac): Username sometimes was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed a rarely appearing crash that could appear with certain system configurations (PC)
  • Two spectra were missing because of invalid filenames (Mac)
  • Fixed a possible crash with Midi CC 121

Gladiator 2.1  (free update)

Improvements in sound quality:

  • Drastically improved low notes oscillator sound
  • Improved reverb sound: Softer and more diffuse reverb tails
  • Improved psychoacustical processing
  • Improved spectral slope of low frequencies to reduce gibbs effect for more 'analog' sound
  • Improved sound quality of intelligent microtuning (IQM): Warmer sound for long release times
  • Extended dB range of master volume knob
  • Reworked existing factory presets: Warmer sound

New features:

  • 3 new phase modulators for analog sounding pulsewidth modulation: PWM, PWM alt, phase shift
  • Added song position sync support for LFO 1/2 ('bpm' has to be set to 'on' and 'retrigger' to 'off')
  • Added split keyboard support; new modulation sources: Low keys, High keys
  • Added new 'split' arp mode which applies ARP on high keys only and leaves low keys for basses
  • 18 new factory sounds

Changes, fixes and improvements:

  • Faster loading time of PC full version
  • Demo version: Nag Voice only every 9 minutes instead of every minute
  • Improved host compatibility: Cubase 4 & 5, Orion, Fruity Loops, Logic
  • Fixed (PC): Wrong version number was displayed in Cubase
  • Fixed: Microglitch in volume envelope
  • Fixed (Full version, Mac): 'Demoversion' instead of user name was displayed for 2 seconds after loading
  • Fixed (PPC Mac): 'Spec format' and 'Spec clean' modifier could output silence
  • Fixed (FUll version, Mac): 'save all' could crash Gladiator2
  • Changed (Mac): Focus of mouseover when 'show editor' was set to 'off'
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