Icarus VST AU plugin = Extreme power + Highest sound quality

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Icarus 1.6€199 €149 $179

Icarus the most powerful synthesizer on the market. It offers 54(!) different synthesis modes, 53 effects and 62 exciting filter-types. The award-winning audio engine provides a gigantic sonic range, offers true high-end sound quality and creates sounds impossible with other synths.

Icarus = extreme power + true high-end sound quality +  gigantic sonic range

Many people are convinced that Icarus is an absolutely essential synthesizer for professional producers. Icarus' award-winning audio engine does not only offer high-end sound quality with low demands on your CPU - Icarus is also one of the most powerful synthesizers ever.
This synthesizer provides a gigantic sonic range. The audio engine is not only able to create all important synthesizer sounds - it can produce a vast range of fresh sounds, which are impossible with competing products. The innovative '3D Wavetable Synthesis', which is exclusive to Icarus, creates a new dimension of sounds with dynamic expression and acoustic movement.
Icarus comes with many powerful features like a built-in vocoder, the largest collection of high-end filters within a synthesizer, a properly working resynthesis function which can rebuild any sound with a mouse-click, speech synthesis, the most advanced Wavetable-editor available, time stretching and BPM sync, the most powerful oscillator section on the market, ...
However, the synth still remains very easy to use. A smart and comfortable interface gives you instant help, visual feedback and immediate acoustic results.
Icarus ships with an inspiring collection of 1034 production-ready sounds by professional designers. An efficient patch browser allows you to create professional tracks rapidly. It gives you an instant overview of all the available categories and sounds. It never has been easier to find the right sound!

Icarus = extreme Leistung + echte high-end Klangqualität +  riesiges Klangspektrum

Icarus ist mehr als nur der leistungsfähigste Wavetable-Synthesizer auf dem Markt. Die preisgekrönte Audio-Engine bietet die höchstmögliche Klangqualität bei niedrigen Anforderungen and die CPU.
Icarus verfügt über ein gigantisches Klangspektrum. Die Audio-Engine kann nicht nur alle wichtigen Synthesizer Sounds erzeugen - sie kann ein riesiges Spektum an frischen Klängen erzeugen, die nicht mit Konkurrentzprodukten möglich sind. Die innovatove '3D Wavetable Synthese', die nur Icarus beherrscht, erschafft eine neue Dimension von Klängen mit viel Dynamik und akustischer Bewegung.
Icarus verfügt über viele mächtige Features wie einen eingebauten Vocoder, die größte Sammlung an high-end Filtern in einem Synthesizer, eine zuverlässig funktionierende Resynthese die jeden Klang mit einem Mausklick nachbauen kann, Sprachsynthese, den ausgefeiltesten Wavetable Editor auf dem Markt, Time-stretchting und BPM sync, die leistungsfähgigste Oszillator Sektion,...
Dabei bleibt der Synthesizer aber immer noch einfach zu bedienen. Das schlaue und komfortable Interface liefert schnell Hilfe, visuelles Feedback und sofortige akustische Ergebnisse.
Der Synthesizer wird mit 1034 inspirierenden, produktionsfertigen Sounds von professionellen Designern ausgeliefert. Der effiziente Patch Browser ermöglicht Ihnen eine schnelle Produktion von professionellen Tracks. Er gibt Ihnen einen sofortigen Überblick über alle verfügbaren Kategorien und Sounds. Den passenden Klang zu finden war nie einfacher!
"An epic synth in every sense. It's one of the most versatile, impressive sounding synths we've heard. The ability to stretch, re-pitch and shuttle the sound feels magical. Fantastic filters"

Voted for Best Synthesizers 2016"It's a really amazing synth. Tone2 have done a wonderful job at crafting this great synth, which is a game changer. It is incredibly versatile and produces awesome sounds in a jiffy. It's a must-have."  

"A truly powerful beast with endless capabilities. I really like the vocoder's sound, and the re-synthesis. It has awesome wavetable-editing, tons of high quality presets, and its huge number of filters and effect types make this a knockout synth."

Voted for the Best Synthesizers 2016 "A fantastic playground for sound-designers. Low CPU requirement. A really special synth for an absolutely fair price." Voted for Top10 synths of the year.

"It is a fantastic synth with an own sound. Anyone could create whole albums with it. It has a feature set which many synthesists would give an arm for. Easy to use & excellent sound quality."
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