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NeoFM expansion

200 sounds + 152 waveforms + 3 skins
Created by 13 professional designers
Complextro, Trance, EDM, Cinematic, Dub, DnB
Buy now!$59 €49
Arpmania expansion

200 sounds + 100 arp patterns + 3 skins
Created by 22 professional designers
Dub, Trance, Dance, Pop, DnB, Dirty Dutch, Electronic
Buy now! $59 €49
Classic FM soundset

200 sounds
Created by 7 professional designers
Electronica, Dance, Pop, HipHop, 80s, 90s, Rock
Buy now! $49 €39
ChartBreaker soundset

200 sounds
Created by 22 professional designers
Dub, Dance, Pop, DnB, House, Electronic
Buy now! $49 €39
Electric soundset

201 sounds
Created by 2 professional designers
Electro, House, Complextro, Dirty, Dub, Hardstyle
Buy now! $49 €39
Ambientica soundset

170 sounds + double album
Created by a professional artist
Ambient, Berlin School, Soundtrack, New Age
Buy now! $39 €29
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