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  • Computer music magazine"it's one of the most versatile and impressive sounding synths we've heard"
  • KEYS magazine"a really special synth for an absolutely fair price"
  • SynthesisThe most powerful wavetable synth on the market
  • High-end filtersOver 60(!) filter types
  • Programmable arpeggiatorpowerful and easy to use
  • Patch browsereasy access to over 1000 professional sounds
  • Wavetable Editorcreate your own wavetables
  • Drag & Drop modulationmodulate parameters with audio-rate speed
  • Animated displaysmake tweaking accessible to everyone
  • Producer Spot magazine"this great synth is a game changer"
  • Customizable user interfaceselect your favourite color
  • Efficient workflowquick and easy production of professional tracks
  • High-end sound with low CPU requirement
  • Resynthesisrebuild any sound with a mouse-click
  • 3D wavetable synthesiscreate sounds impossible with other synths
  • Vocodercreate your own phrases with a mouse-click
Computer music magazine4 KEYS magazine11 Synthesis5 High-end filters6 Programmable arpeggiator7 Patch browser8 Wavetable Editor9 Drag & Drop modulation10 Animated displays12 Producer Spot magazine13 Customizable user interface14 Efficient workflow15 High-end sound with low CPU requirement16 Resynthesis1 3D wavetable synthesis2 Vocoder3
Wavetable expansion

150 sounds + 45 wavetables + 200 waveforms
Created by the developer of Icarus
Suitable for all electronic genres
Buy now!$59 €49
Vocals & Chops soundset

150 sounds
Speech synthesis
Suitable for all genres
Buy now!$49 €39
SpaceTrip soundset

200 sounds
Created by 23 professional designers
Cinematic, Ambient, Hiphop, Electronic, Dance
Buy now!$39 €29
EDM & Trance soundset

210 sounds
Created by 2 professional designers
EDM, Trance, House, Dub, Hardstyle, Dancefloor
Buy now! $49 €39
Electronix soundset

213 sounds
Created by 2 professional designers
House, EDM, Dubstep, Electro, Trap, Dance
Buy now! $49 €39
FutureElements soundset

215 sounds
Created by 2 professional designers
Future-Pop,- Bass,- RnB, Trap, EDM, Kawaii, House
Buy now! $39 €29
Detonator soundset

206 sounds
Created by 3 professional designers
Dubstep, Complextro, Electro, House, Trap
Buy now! $39 €29
Ascension soundset

150 sounds + 23 wavetables
Created by a professional artist
Dub, DnB, Electro, Trap, Moombahcore, Glitchhop
Buy now! $39 €29
Psychophonia soundset

229 sounds + double album
Created by a professional artist
Ambient, Berlin School, Soundtrack, Film score
Buy now! $49 €39
Urban Music soundset

100 sounds
Created by a professional artist
Hip Hop,Trap, Reggae, Dub, Soul, Funk, Disco
Buy now! $39 €29
Atmos Infinity soundset

184 sounds + album
Created by a professional artist
Ambient, Space music, Psybient, Goa
Buy now! $39 €29
Top of the Charts soundset

102 sounds
Created by a professional artist
Dance, Pop, Trap, Electro, House, Dubstep
Buy now! $39 €29
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