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ChartSounds soundset$39 €29

This set contains 111 presets for Electra and is suitable for contemporary music and popular modern genres.


  • Includes 111 Presets
  • All patches are volume-normalized. They won't clip and have equal volume levels when scanning between presets.
  • Complex modwheel destinations for many patches.
  • Many patches are velocity-sensitive.
  • Many patches are multi-layered or contain new multi-samples.
  • Easy-to-use installer
  • Comfortable integration to the user interface


Dance, Pop, Commercial, Charts, Big Room, Electronic, Trap, HipHop, House

Patch Breakdown

  • Arpeggiator: 5
  • Bass: 12
  • Effects: 11
  • Keys: 20
  • Lead: 13
  • Pads: 14
  • Percussive:17
  • Rythm: 5
  • Synth: 5
  • Vocals/Chops: 9
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