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Vocals & Chops soundset$49 €39

This set uses Icarus' exclusive 3D wavetable technology to create synthetic voices. The patches are not just a bunch of 'vocal samples' - this is real speech synthesis. The vocal chants are never out-of-tune and automatically synchronize to your song!


This general purpose soundset is suitable for all genres.

  • The vocals in the demotrack are no samples. They are synthetic!
  • Uses Icarus' unique 3D Wavetable synthesis to create voice sounds in realtime
  • The sounds are exclusive and not possible with other synthesizers
  • All vocal phrases automatically sync to BPM and are never out-of-the-beat
  • All voices are properly tuned
  • It never has been more easy to add professional vocals to your tracksacks.
  • Play vocal melodies and polyphonic singing with your keyboard
  • You can timestretch and pitchshift the vocals in realtime
  • Created by the developer of Icarus
  • Most presets can be morphed with the modwheel
  • Seamless integration into the user interface
  • Very easy installation
  • Uses the new features introduced with Icarus v1.6
  • All sounds have been have been carefully normalized

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