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Sparkle soundset$39 €39

This soundset is suitable for modern music. It uses the new features introduced with Icarus 2.


  • 166 patches
  • Created by a professional sound-designer (Yuli Yolo)
  • Unique sounds using the innovative 3D-Wavetable-Synthesis
  • The patches contain a large number of new wavetables and waveforms
  • Seamless integration into the user-interface
  • Very easy installation
  • Uses the new features introduced with Icarus 2
  • Many Sounds are synchronized to BPM
  • The sounds have been carefully normalized
  • All sounds are properly programmed - they are 'not just samples'. This gives you the complete dynamic range, a lot more expression and the highest possible sound quality

Patch breakdown

1 key hold: 8, Arpeggiator: 2, Atmo: 13, Bass: 7, Chord & Stacked: 11, Effect: 2, Keys: 8, Lead: 6, Pad: 21, Semireal: 12, Sequence: 14, Synth: 36, Vocalic: 6, Wobble: 20


This soundset is suitable for D&B, Trap, Dubstep, Electronic, Dance, Cinematic, Synthwave, Hip-Hop and many other genres.
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