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Soundtrack soundset$39 €29

Exploring the experimental and atmospheric side of Nemesis, the Soundtrack set is filled with 100 intricate sound impressions that will help you set the mood perfectly.

Patch breakdown

15 Arpeggiator
8 Atmospheric
12 Drone
4 Effects
7 Keys
16 lead
15 Pad
11 Percussive
9 Rhythm


  • 100 presets created by a professional artist (Jens Dibowski R.I.P.)
  • This set uses the new features and effects introduced with Nemesis 1.6
  • Most of the sounds rely heavily on Nemesis's neoFM capabilities
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration into the user interface
  • All sounds are properly programmed - they are no samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range, a lot more expression, the highest possible sound quality and saves harddisc space
  • The volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized


This set is perfect for Soundtrack, Film Score, Ambient, Chillout, Electro, Cinematic, Deep House, Berlin School, Atmospheric, Space, New Age and many other genres.
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