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Ambientica soundset$39 €29

Unleash your talent and create deep soundscapes for cosmic sonic voyages. You will be able to construct spacey, abstract sceneries with very little effort, free to follow your own creativity.

Free album as bonus

Working on Ambientica gave me so many ideas that I recorded the double album using exclusively this set. You'll receive both volumes of "Memoirs" with your copy of Ambientica for your listening pleasure. Enjoy and keep the music alive! Mac of BIOnighT

  • 170 inspiring patches
  • Unique sound by using the innovative neoFM synthesis
  • Includes the double album 'Memoirs' by Mac, which was created exclusively with this set, as free bonus
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration into the user interface
  • Created by a professional sound designer and artist
  • All sounds are properly programmed and do not contain samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality


Ideal for Ambient, Berlin School, Soundtrack, New Age, Experimental, Drone or atmospheric music.

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