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Bug reporting

Tone2 is known for the high quality of the products. Our products are very stable and reliable as we do excessive testing before an official release. Unlike many other companies we do not abuse our paying customers as beta-testes.

If you experience problems, you can submit a bug report to our technical support. We will examine your report and try to fix your problem as soon as possible.

Please check this first:

  • Do you use the latest version of the product? If not, please update it.
  • If you experience problems with your installation or product activation, you should read this first.
  • Did you read our 'known problems & solutions'? If not, please read this first.
  • Are you sure that the problem is not caused by the DAW (Cubase, ...)? Can you reproduce it in other DAWs and the standalone version? If not, you should contact the DAW’s support first.
  • Can you confirm that you used or use only legit Tone2 software? Illegal versions are instable and have features missing. They can crash and frequently ship with viruses.

For technical reasons it is only possible to fix problems which are reproducible by us, so please make sure that you submit a detailed step-by-step description. Screenshots and sound examples also can help us.

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