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Known problems & solutions

The plugin does not appear in my host software

I purchased a full-version but it is running in demo-mode
Our demo-versions can't be unlocked (exception: Icarus). You must install the full-version. You can download it here.

The plugin crashes
  1. Your installation might be damaged or you need an update to be compatible with your operating system. Please download the latest version here and run the installer. Do not delete or move files after completing the installation.
  2. If the problem persists update your host software. If the plugin works in another host, please refer the the host's company for a bugfix.
  3. Make sure that you use only original Tone2 software.

Where can i see which bugs have been fixed?
You can find details about the updates and the latest versions here.

I get clicks and audio-dropouts
  1. Make sure that you enabled multi-core /multi-thread support in your host. Each of our plugins is able to distribute the CPU-load amongst up to 4 cores per instance. This reduces the CPU-load, prevents crackles and allows a lower latency-setting for your sound-card.
  2. Increase the latency (buffer-size) for your sound-card within the host's settings. Do not use buffer-sizes smaller than 128 samples.
  3. Reduce the number of plugins within your song. Since Tone2-plugins do not need much CPU, you should first remove plugins from other companies, which are demanding on the CPU.
  4. Reduce the number of voices within the plugins.
  5. Make sure that no other software is running in the background (web-browsers, virus-scanners, ...).
  6. Use 44 kHz as sample-rate.
  7. Avoid very long release-times within the patches.
  8. Buy a faster CPU and faster RAM-modules.

I get graphic errors when I re-size the plugin's interface
The graphic re-sizing routine of your host software is missing or buggy. Please install the latest host version or refer to the host's company for a bug-fix. As a workaround restarting the plugin usually solves the problem.

I get a high CPU-load when I switch through the patches
It is technically necessary to reset effect buffers and pre-process data on patch changes. This requires some CPU. Also make sure that you enabled multi-core /multi-thread support within your host.

The host crashes when I quickly switch through the patches
Install the latest sound-card drivers and increase the latency settings of your sound-card. Reduce the CPU load. Install the latest updates for our plugins. Use the plugin's internal patch-browser and not Midi to select patches. Do switch through the patches more slowly.

The effect plugin does not respond to Midi-data
Not all hosts are able to send Midi-data to effect plugins. You can also use automation instead of Midi.

I hear glitches or crackles when I use a plugin in FL Studio
This is a well-known problem of FL Studio and also affects many other plugins from other companies. Open the 'Fruity Wrapper Settings' menu (the gear shaped icon on the top left of the plugin) and change the following settings on the' Processing' tab:
  • Use fixed sized buffers -> Enable
  • Allow threaded processing -> Enable

The first note in a song is not played back in FL Studio
This is a well-known problem of FL Studio and also affects many other plugins from other companies. Open FL Studio, go to audio settings, and change 'Reset plugins on transport'.

Not all automation parameters are shown in Ableton
Ableton can only handle up to 128 parameters for automation. Please refer to Ableton for an update.
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