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  • SynthesisThe most powerful wavetable synth on the market
  • Computer music magazine"It's one of the most versatile, impressive sounding synths we've heard"
  • High-end filtersOver 60(!) filter types
  • Programmable arpeggiatorpowerful and easy to use
  • Patch browsereasy access to over 1000 professional sounds
  • Wavetable Editorcreate your own wavetables
  • Drag & Drop modulationmodulate parameters with audio-rate speed
  • Animated displaysmake tweaking accessible to everyone
  • Producer Spot magazine"this great synth is a game changer"
  • Customizable user interfaceselect your favourite color
  • Efficient workflowquick and easy production of professional tracks
  • High-end sound with low CPU requirement
  • Resynthesisrebuild any sound with a mouse-click
  • 3D wavetable synthesiscreate sounds impossible with other synths
  • Vocodercreate your own phrases with a mouse-click
  • Computer music magazine"an epic synth in every sense"
Synthesis5 KEYS magazine11 High-end filters6 Programmable arpeggiator7 Patch browser8 Wavetable Editor9 Drag & Drop modulation10 Animated displays12 Producer Spot magazine13 Customizable user interface14 Efficient workflow15 High-end sound with low CPU requirement16 Resynthesis1 3D wavetable synthesis2 Vocoder3 Computer music magazine4

3D Wavetable Synthesis

Professional testers from audio magazines are convinced that Icarus is one of the most versatile, impressive sounding synths on the market. The exceptionally powerful audio engine is not only able to reproduce all important synthesizer sounds in high-end quality.
The award-winning '3D wavetable synthesis' creates sounds impossible with other synths and reveals a new level of dynamic expression. Icarus is truly a '3D wavetable synth'. We have extended the classic wavetable synthesis, so that it can cross-blend waveforms, with an added morph dimension. You can use any of the 54 different morph modes to further shape the wavetable sound: You have the choices of waveshaping, time-stretching, pitch- shifting, granulizing, stacking, PWM, formant shifting, BPM syncing, phase distortion, reversing, ring modulation, sync, rearranging, FM, spectral editing, looping, denoising, mixing and so on. Anything is possible.

Oscillators & Hypersaws

Icarus offers three oscillator blocks with stereo architecture. Each oscillator block itself again can contain up to 10 detuned hypersaw oscillators. We've expanded the popular hypersaw concept with a stereo architecture, precise phase control, punch and the ability to make single oscillators play chords. 37 different modes are available, including, hypersaw, supersaw, stereo hypersaw, unison, stacking, chords and flanging. The hypersaw modes can be combined with any kind of wavetable and morph mode.
The sound quality easily surpasses conventional synths, but you don't need to own a NASA computer to be able to use Icarus. This synthesizer offers the best possible sound quality together with low CPU demands.
Get instantly inspired by the massive number of fresh, original sounds and create tracks with unique and individual characteristics!

3D Wavetable Synthese

Icarus ist ein '3D Wavetable Synthesizer'. Wir haben das Wavetable Konzept, das es Ihnen erlaubt Wellenformen ineinander überzublenden, um eine weitere Dimension für Morphing erweitert. Sie können jeden der verschiedenen 54 'Morphmodes' benutzen um Ihren Sound weiter zu formen: Waveshaping, Time-Stretching, Pitch-Shifting, Granulizing, Stacking, PWM, Formant Shifting, BPM Syncing, Phase Distortion, Reversing, Ringmodulation, Sync, Rearranging, FM, Spektral Bearbeitung, Looping, Denoising, Mixing,... - wirklich alles ist möglich. Das ist eines der Geheimnisse, warum Icarus einzigartige Klänge mit großartiger Dynamik erzeugen kann. Ein Großteil dieser besonderen Klänge kann von anderen Synthesizern nicht erzeugt werden. Lassen Sie sich von den neuartigen Signaturklängen inspirieren und verleihen Sie Ihren Kompositionen einen einzigartigen Character!

Oszillatoren & Hypersaws

Icarus bietet drei Oszillatorblöcke mit Stereoarchitektur. Jeder einzelne Oszillatorblock kann bis zu 10 verstimmte Hypersaw Oszillatoren enthalten. Wir haben das bekannte Hypersaw Konzept um Stereoarchitektur, präzise Phasen Kontrolle, Punch und Akkorde erweitert. 37 verschiedene Modi sind verfügbar und beinhalten Hypersaw, Supersaw, Stereo Hypersaw, Unison, Stacking, Chords und Flanging. Die Hypersaw Modi können mit jeder Art von Wavetable und jedem Morph Modus kombiniert werden. Dadurch kann die aussergewöhnlich leistungsfähige Audioengine alle wichtigen Synthesizer Sounds produzieren. Die Klangqualität ist deutlich höher als bei herkömmlichen Synthesizern. Jedoch müssen Sie dazu keinen NASA Computer besitzen, denn Icarus bietet höchste Klangqualität bei niedriger CPU Last.
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