Icarus VST AU plugin - Arpgeggiator

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  • Programmable arpeggiatorpowerful and easy to use
  • Patch browsereasy access to over 1000 professional sounds
  • Wavetable Editorcreate your own wavetables
  • Drag & Drop modulationmodulate parameters with audio-rate speed
  • KEYS magazine"a really special synth for an absolutely fair price"
  • Animated displaysmake tweaking accessible to everyone
  • Producer Spot magazine"this great synth is a game changer"
  • Customizable user interfaceselect your favourite color
  • Efficient workflowquick and easy production of professional tracks
  • High-end sound with low CPU requirement
  • Resynthesisrebuild any sound with a mouse-click
  • 3D wavetable synthesiscreate sounds impossible with other synths
  • Vocodercreate your own phrases with a mouse-click
  • Computer music magazine"an epic synth in every sense"
  • SynthesisThe most powerful wavetable synth on the market
  • High-end filtersOver 60(!) filter types
Programmable arpeggiator7 Patch browser8 Wavetable Editor9 Drag & Drop modulation10 KEYS magazine11 Animated displays12 Producer Spot magazine13 Customizable user interface14 Efficient workflow15 High-end sound with low CPU requirement16 Resynthesis1 3D wavetable synthesis2 Vocoder3 Computer music magazine4 Synthesis5 High-end filters6

The included arpeggiator instantly creates inspiring and wonderful melodies. Working with the powerful arpeggiator is very simple: Just input your notes into the note sequencer. The arpeggiator supports advanced features such as glides, swing & shuffle, split, matrix integration and gives you precise control over note-sorting, play direction and velocity. Smart playing aids like auto-chord speed up the production process and help you whenever you need it.
Don’t feel like programming your own patterns? Use one of the built-in patterns or load one of the many external pattern presets to use as your starting point.

Die Arpeggiatorsektion ermöglicht eine umfangreiche, einfach bedienbare Möglichkeit um Arpeggios zu kreieren und zu spielen. Der Arpeggiator beinhaltet intelligente Algorithmen, die sicherstellen, dass dessen Melodien musikalisch nützlicher sind, als diese von gewöhnlichen Arpeggiatoren.
Die Arbeit mit dem Arpeggiator ist einfach. Selektieren sie einfach ihre Noten, wie sie es normalerweise tun würden und wählen sie eine Wiedergaberichtung aus. Darüber hinaus unterstützt der Arpeggiator optional auch innovative Features wie Autochords, Pitch Slides, Legato, Swing Shuffle und Matrix Integration.
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