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Epic Pads soundset$39 €29

Epic Pads is a collection of rich soundscapes. Capturing the entire emotional palette, from dramatic strings, uplifting pads, ambitious atmospherics, up to pure enigmatic textures. Deep, evolving and packed with sonic movement, Epic Pads is the ideal companion to set the right mood for your next production.

Sound designers

Himalaya, Ed Ten Eyck, George Zondagh, Ingo Weidner, Massimo Bosco, Mac of BIOnighT, Eppo Schaap, Satya Choudhury, Rob Fabrie, Bjulin, Reinhard Reschner, Rob Mitchell, Lukas Jankowski, Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2)

  • Perfect integration to the user interface
  • This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch
  • The volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized
  • Created by a team of professional sounddesigners
  • Unique sound by using the innovative IMS synthesis
  • All sounds are properly programmed, not only samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.


Perfect for Electronica, Cinematic, Trance, Sountrack, Dance, Pop, IDM, Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout, Space, New age, Modern classic, Meditation and a wide variety of other music genres.
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