Electra VST AU plugin - Multilayer Workstation

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  • MultilayerThe power of 4 full featured synths in one interface
  • SamplesQuick and easy import of your own samples
  • SynthesisCombine 14 different synthesis methods
  • Filters37 unique filter types. Dual multimode filters.
  • Effects32 studio quality effects including a Vocoder
  • ModulationFlexible modulation with real-time displays. BPM syncable.
  • Arpeggiator4 arpeggiators with advanced features like swing, autochord, glide, ...
  • SamplesAutotune, Autoloop, 12 sample effects, Quick import, ...
  • Beat magazine"A swiss army knife of synthesis methods"
  • Beat magazine"There is nearly nothing what Electra can't do"
  • Computer Music magazine"An essential purchase. Hugely powerful. Can excel in any genre."
  • Beat magazine"Fully deserving of being your one go-to synth. Unlimited possibilities. CPU friendly."
  • Keys magazine"Genial overall sound. Impressive presets with high value. Low CPU."
Multilayer5 Samples6 Synthesis7 Filters8 Effects9 Modulation10 Arpeggiator11 Samples12 Beat magazine13 Beat magazine1 Computer Music magazine2 Beat magazine3 Keys magazine4

Multi-layer = power4

Playing with Electra2 is a lot of fun because the multi-layer architecture allows you to create impressive tracks just by pressing a single key. "Multi-layer architecture" means that you have access to four synthesizers at the same time and all within one interface.
Each of the four layers is as an independent, full-featured multitimbral synthesizer consisting of up to 108 oscillators, dual multi-mode filters, a flexible modulation system, an effects section and its own arpeggiator. Together with this and the 15 different types of synthesis available, it's guaranteed that your sound design possibilities are virtually endless.
You can edit your sounds layer-by-layer, or edit multiple layers simultaneously. Separate synthesizer layers can be saved and loaded, allowing you to simply grab a layer you like from a patch and load it into another patch.
You can combine different layers, mix different types of synthesis, use keyboard splits and use different play modes like Poly, Mono, Legato or Glide per synth layer. Most of the patches that come with Electra2 already use multiple layers so mixing and merging your favorite patches into a new multi-layer sound is extremely simple.

Multilayer = power4

Electra2 verfügt über eine Multilayer Architektur, was bedeutet, dass sie vier Instanzen des Synthesizers gleichzeitig mit nur einem Interface bedienen können. Viele der Presets, die Electra2 beinhaltet, bestehen bereits aus mehreren Layern. Die verschiedenen Layer können unabhängig voneinander gespeichert und geladen werden  – so lassen sich einzelne Komponenten Ihrer Lieblingspresets einfach in einen neuen Patch kombinieren.
Editieren Sie ihren Klang in nur einem Layer oder bearbeiten Sie alle Layer gleichzeitig. Kombinieren sie verschiedene Layer, mischen sie verschiedene Syntheseformen oder teilen Sie das Keyboard in verschiedene Abschnitte auf. Jeder der insgesamt 4 Layer arbeitet als unabhängiger, multitimbraler Synthesizer und beinhaltet bis zu 108 Oszillatoren, einen dualen Multimode-Filter, ein flexibles Modulationssystem, eine Effektsektion und einen eigenen Arpeggiator. Zusammen mit 15 verschiedenen Synthesetypen ist garantiert, dass Ihre Möglichkeiten schier endlos sind.
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