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About Markus

Markus Krause is a Fullstack Developer who is responsible for a large number of audio-products. He is not only coding the audio-engines, he is also doing sound-design, interface-design, graphics-design and the website.  
He was born in the late 70s and got his first computer when he was 12. Himself and some friends at school were part of the 'demo scene' and programmed their own games and animations. The computers back in those days were still very slow. This forced the little nerds to learn about efficient coding and to study how PCs work.
Markus focused more and more on the audio side of programming and electronic music. He wrote his first trackers (= DAW for chiptunes) for SoundBlaster cards in the early 90s (All Sound Tracker, SoundGeneartor, etc.). During this time there was not much good sample-content available. That's why he developed algorithms that created samples in wav format. He used these samples to create chiptunes.
In the early 2000s  Markus and some friends were regularly doing jam-sessions with their synthesizers and computers. Markus started building freeware VST plugins for himself and his friends (JunoX).
His little synths attracted the attention of ReFX, and they licensed his audio-engines for their products (Vanguard, PlastiCZ!, Slayer).
Since ReFX refused to release FilterBank and FireBird he decided to go own ways and founded Tone2. Especially Gladiator and Electra2 gained huge popularity and are used by a massive number of artists.
This is the place where Markus develops the synthesizers
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