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Tone2 Electra2

The Voltage! Soundset

Voltage! is an inspiring collection of 200 patches for Electra, ingeniously programmed by professional sound designers and suitable for a wide variety of music genres including Techno, Trance, Electronic, Dubstep, House, Dance, Progressive...

With its multi-layered arps, deep sequences, smooth leads, exciting Pads and massive bass sounds Voltage! is the perfect complement to your Electra experience.

This set is compatible with ElectraX and Electra2.

Professional sound design

The soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch.  All sounds are properly programmed, not only simple samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality. For excellent usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. Most sounds can be morphed with the modwheel. Some complex arrangements use multiple layers - that's why the soundset contains not only 200 patches, but over 300 sounds. The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection  created by a large number of professional sounddesigners:

  • Electric Himalaya
  • BigTone
  • Marco Scherer
  • Massimo Bosco
  • Bryan 'Xenos' Lee
  • Reinhard Reschner
  • Supremeja
  • George Zondagh
  • Robert Cecil
  • Motoko
  • Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2)
  • Markus Feil (Tone2).
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The Voltage! soundset comes with a comfortable and easy-to-use installer for Mac and PC.

The additional content perfectly integrates to the user interface. The new sounds can be easily accessed by choosing 'Volt' in the category selector.  .

45 inspiring arpeggiators and multilayer-sequences:

61 unique synths, leads and stacks:

47 fat, deep basses:

47 exciting pads and rhythmic gates:

Tone2 Electra2