Upgrade Saurus to Saurus2 now!

We offer an upgrade with discount for Saurus1 customers. Saurus2 is 100% downward compatible with the previous version. It completely replaces Saurus1 and you will be able to load your old songs and patches.

To be able to upgrade you need a valid Saurus1 licence which includes a valid Saurus1 keyfile. If you don't own Saurus1 you can purchase Saurus2 here.

Click here to upgrade Saurus1 to Saurus2 now!

What's new in Saurus2? Summary:

- Enhanced sound quality because the synthesis engine has been completely reworked
- Over 260 additonal patches
- Completely reworked all existing factory patches
- Added a comfortable patch browser
- Much more detailed emulation of the 'analog' sound. The degree of analog behaviour is now selectable.
- Enhanced graphics
- More comfortable user interface
- A huge number of further new features and enhancements
- Saurus2 is 100% downward compatible with all previous versions

New features:

- Added a comfortable patch browser with a keyboard which can be opened by clicking 'BROWSE'
- Added a 'Config' menu which allows to set the degree of analog behaviour
- Additional LowCut equalizer
- Additional HighCut equalizer
- Added a new play mode 'Stack' which plays the autochord defined in 'Arp Key Mode'
- 14 additional 'Sine' LFOs as matrix source
- 4 additonal chord modes which play thirds for the arpeggiator
- The patches can be ranked by clicking on the stars in the patchbrowser
- Keyboard can be hidden with 'Config->hide keyboard'
- The degree of analog noise modeling can be selected between 'none' and 'extreme'
- The degree of analog drift can be selected between 'light' and 'extreme'
- Added a smart microtuning algorithm. 'Fat tune' delivers more harmonic and transparent chords.
- The degree of analog saturation can be selected between 'linear' and 'extreme'
- The degree of analog OSCs damping can be selected between 'light damp' and 'heavy'
- An analog sounding default patch can be initialized with 'File->Init analog patch'
- A digital sounding default patch can be initialized with 'File->Init digital patch'
- Modwheel and pitchwheel are auto-assigned on patch initialisation

Enhanced sound:

- The OSCs and filters can emulate the noise created by analog circuits
- The OSCs can emulate the saturation of analog amplifliers
- The voices and filters can emulate drift and voice detuning
- Replaced oscillators with more 'analog' sounding ones
- Boost mode sounds more 'analog' and smooth
- Replaced Reverb with a better sounding algorithm
- More accurate high frequencies of 'Delay' and 'PingPong' effect
- More 'analog' behaviour of 'drift'

Enhanced GUI & interface:

- Information about the current patch is shown in 'info' tab of the patch browser
- Rendering with ambient occlusion for a more realistic look
- More comfortable saving of patches on PC
- LCD displays have more contrast and are more easy to read
- Keyboard is now animated
- Added mouseover support: Parameter values are displayed when mouse is hovered over them
- Mousewheel support (if host supports it)
- Mac version now also supports waveform selection by clicking on diodes

Further enhancements:

- Better host compatibility
- More robustness
- More comfortable installer

Saurus has high-end quality oscillators with True Analog Modeling Technology, which produces a warm characteristic sound reminiscent of the hardware units from the past. The oscillators offer far more than just the basic waveforms.
Saurus2 contains a huge number of new features and enhancements
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