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Upgrade ElectraX to Electra2 now!

We offer an upgrade with discount for ElectraX customers. Electra2 is 100% downward compatible with the previous version. It completely replaces ElectraX and you will be able to load your old songs and patches.

To be able to upgrade you need a valid ElectraX licence which includes a valid ElectraX keyfile. If you don't own ElectraX you can purchase Electra2 here.

Click here to upgrade ElectraX to Electra2

Upgrade summary:

- Over 700 additional patches with over 1500 sounds
- Completely reworked all factory sounds
- Comfortable patch browser
- Sample editor
- Physical modeling synthesis
- 16 new effects
- 5 new filters
- 236 additional waveforms
- Enhanced sound quality
- New graphics
- Better user interface
- Enhanced performance
- A huge number of further new features and enhancements
- Electra2 is downward compatible with the previous version

New features - effects:

- "Smart Unison" creates the sound of several detuned stereo voices with very low CPU demands
- "Phaser FB" is a great sounding phaser with feedback
- "Phaser Stereo" is stereo phaser with a vocalic sound
- "Vibrato" detunes the sound with an LFO
- "Vibrato stereo" can be used instead of chorus if a tight timing is needed
- "Tremolo" modulates the amplitude with an LFO
- "Tremolo stereo" add stereo panning to the sound
- "Reverb Infinity" has an infinitely long reverb tail (great for Pads, FX and Ambient tracks)
- "Reverb Big" simulates a huge room with lots of diffusion
- "Reverb Glass" simulates a bright room which absorbs low frequencies
- "Reverb Band" simulates a room which absorbs low and high frequencies
- "Reverb Real" simulates a realistic room
- "Loudness" equalizes the non-linearities of the human ear, offers a more fat sound and raises the perceived volume.
- "Bass boost" equalizes the non-liearities of the human ear in the low frequency range, offers a more fat sound and raises the perceived volume.

New filters:

- "Vocals 2" is a vocal filter. Cutoff controls to vocal (AEIOU) and reso the formant frequency
- "vocal AM" is a vocalic sounding filter with amplitude modulation
- "LP AM" is a lowpass with amplitude modulation
- "BP Boobs" is a double bandpass filter. Reso controls the peak distance
- "M Shape" is a lowpass and a highpass in series. Reso controls the bandwidth

New synthesis method - Physical Modelling Synthesis:

- New resonator: Filter->"Phys String" simulates a plucked string. "Cutoff" controls tuning, "Reso" controls damping and "Analog" controls decay.
- New resonator: Filter->"Phys Flute" simulates a blown tube. "Cutoff" controls tuning, "Reso" controls damping and "Analog" controls decay.
- New oszillator: Noise->Pink is usefull for general purpose and plucked string simulation.
- New template: Init->"Create patch: PhysicalGuitar" initializes a Physical Modelling default patch.
- New template: Init->"Create patch: PhysicalFlute" initializes a Physical Modelling default patch.

Hint: To tune a resonator set "Cutoff" to 50% (strg+left click) and "filter key follow" to 100%.

New features - user interface:

- Added a comfortable patch browser with a keyboard which can be opened by clicking 'BROWS'
- Added mouseover support: Parameter values are displayed when mouse is hovered over them
- Midi learn support by right-click on a knob
- Edit multiple layers simuntaniously with copy->"Multilayer edit"
- Help->"Online video tutorial"
- Init->"Reset all" is a new button to reset all parameters t o default value
- Init->"Reset synth arpeggiator" is a new button to reset the arpeggiator
- File->"Save synth layer 1-4 to patch" saves a single layer
- Information and tags about the current patch is shown in 'info' tab of the patch browser
- Added support for a skinable user interface
- Sample loop/marker can be edited by clicking and moving the mouse on the wave display
- Sample window shows loop/marker start and end as dotted lines
- Aggressive focus which can be necessary for mousewheel support in some hosts can be forced by placing ElectraMouse.cfg in the plugin directory
- Hotkeys "F1","F2","F3","F4" to switch the synth layer (if the host supports it) 
- Hotkey "ESC", a panic button, kills all currently played notes

New features - sample editing:

- Sample->Edit->"Autotune" automatically tunes the sample
- Sample->Edit->"Crossloop" automatically loops the sample with a crossblend
- Sample->Edit->"Export as wav" stores the sample content to a wav file
- Sample->Edit->"Reverse" makes the sample play backwards
- Sample->Edit->"Volume" maximizes the sample volume without clipping it
- Sample->Edit->"Volume +6dB" doubles the sample volume with clipping
- Sample->Edit->"Volume -6dB" lowers the sample volume
- Sample->Edit->"Fade in" fades the selected area in
- Sample->Edit->"Fade out" fades the selected area out
- Sample->Edit->"Silence" mutes the selected area
- Sample->Edit->"Trim" cuts everything but the selected area
- Sample->Edit->"Cut" removes the selected area
- Sample->Edit->"Tube saturate" applies soft tube saturation to the sample
- Sample->Edit->"Differenciate" makes the sample sound more bright
- Sample->Edit->"Square" doubles all frequencies
- Sample->Edit->"Sinoid shaper" is a soft waveshaper
- Sample->Edit->"Alias" makes the sample sound like an old sampler
- Sample->Edit->"Crush" is a digital vintage effect reduces the bitdepth of the sample
- Sample->Edit->"Selfsync" applies aoft selfsyncronisation to the sample
- Sample->Edit->"Remove DC" removes DC from the sample
- Sample->Edit->"Noisify" fills the envelope of the sample with noise
- Sample->Edit->"Loop all" resets the loop points
- Sample->Edit->"Loop to 100%" sets the loop points
- Sample->Edit->"Tune C5 44100Hz" sets sample tuning to a C5 sampled at 44.1Khz samplerate
- Sample->Edit->"Tune C5 96000Hz" sets sample tuning to a C5 sampled at 96Khz samplerate

Hint: Most sample edits are applied to the selected marker area. Click on the sample display and move the mouse to change the selection.

Enhancements - sound quality:

- Psychoacoustic processing has been redesigned. It offers a more transparent sound, a higher perceived volume and more dynamic expression.
- "Fat tune" has a much smarter microtuning algorithm. It delivers more harmonic and transparent chords.
- 6 point splines for ultrahigh precision sample playback
- Very high frequencies sound more transparent.
- "Reverb Hall" and "Reverb Cathedral" have a more open sound, less flutter and less detuning.
- "Delay" was extended with a subsonic filter which results in a more transparent mix
- "Multitap" sounds less out-of-tune
- "Flanger" has a triangle LFO now.
- "Analog" drift is more subtle and delivers a more harmonic sound.
- Resynthesis of wavetables gives better results
- Higher precision LFOs
- Replaced "Reverb Cathedral" with a better sounding one. The original one is still available as "Reverb Cathedral old".
- Replaced "Reverb Hall" with a better sounding one. The original one is still available as "Reverb Hall old".
- Replaced "Psychoacoust." with a better sounding algorithm called "Loudness". The old one is still available.
- Replaced "Analog sound" with a better sounding algorithm called "Bass boost". The old one is still available.
- "Quick import vocoder" results in a better patch

Enhancements - user interface:

- New skins
- Effects are more easy to use, since good default values are choosen automatically
- Init->"Reset synth layer" has been enhanced and gives better results
- When samples are loaded a dialog box "Autotune Yes/No?" appears
- High precision knob value editing by pressing shift + left mousebutton
- Popup menus and are more comfortable and faster to use
- Popup menus on PC waste less space and close automatically after 10 seconds
- More responsive GUI
- octave and semi are not longer changed after sample loading if no tuning info was found
- Wavetable->Resynthesis automatically sets pulsewidth to 0
- List selectors like waveforms can now be quick selected with the mousewheel in a more relieable way
- About page can be shown directly from help menu
- Lists with two rows have been replaced with more comfortable click selectors
- New installers for PC
- New standalone versions for PC
- Category is syncronized after saving patches
- On start the default category is ActionSequence with 0Welcome.fxp
- Higher precision positioning of elements
- Mousewheel support for arpeggiator slots (if host supports it)

Further new features and enhancements:

- New playmode "Polyphonic 1" which is suitable for punchy bass sounds
- 3 additional unipolar LFOs as matrix sources ("LFO1+,LFO2+,LFO3+")
- 17 additional sine LFOs as matrix sources ("Sine 1/64 Hz",...)
- Arpeggiator has a new autochord "Chord D" (0,+1octave,+1ocave+third,+1octave+fifth)
- Arpeggiator has a new autochord "Chord E" (0,+fifth,+1octave,+1octave+third,+1octave+fifth,+2octaves,+2octaves+third,+2octaves+fifth)
- Arpeggiator has a new autochord "Fifth A" (0,+fifth)
- Arpeggiator has a new autochord "Fifth B" (0,+fifth,+1octave)
- Arpeggiator has a new autochord "Fifth C" (0,+fifth,+1octave,+1octave+fifth)
- Arpeggiator has a new autochord "Third A" (0,+third)
- Arpeggiator has a new autochord "Third B" (0,+third,+1octave)
- Arpeggiator has a new autochord "Third C" (0,+1octave,+1octave+third)
- Arpeggiator has a new autochord "Third D" (0,+third,+1octave,+1octaves+third)
- Less demo restrictions
- Lower CPU if Reverb or Flanger is used
- Lower CPU for GUI
- Better host compatibility
- More responsive GUI
- Better overall performance
- More robustness


- Renamed synthesis mode 'Virtual Analog' to 'Wavetable'
- Renamed synthesis mode 'Wavetable' to 'Custom Wave'
- Renamed Lfo mode 'Global' to 'Song'
- Renamed Lfo mode 'Voice' to 'Trigger'
- Renamed Step Lfo mode 'Free' to 'Song'
- Renemaed Step Lfo mode 'Retrigger' to 'Trigger'

  • Beat magazine"There is nearly nothing what Electra can't do"
  • Computer Music magazine"An essential purchase. Hugely powerful. Can excel in any genre."
  • Beat magazine"Fully deserving of being your one go-to synth. Unlimited possibilities. CPU friendly."
  • Keys magazine"Genial overall sound. Impressive presets with high value. Low CPU."
  • MultilayerThe power of 4 full featured synths in one interface
  • SamplesQuick and easy import of your own samples
  • SynthesisCombine 14 different synthesis methods
  • Filters37 unique filter types. Dual multimode filters.
  • Effects32 studio quality effects including a Vocoder
  • ModulationFlexible modulation with real-time displays. BPM syncable.
  • Arpeggiator4 arpeggiators with advanced features like swing, autochord, glide, ...
  • SamplesAutotune, Autoloop, 12 sample effects, Quick import, ...
  • Beat magazine"A swiss army knife of synthesis methods"
Beat magazine1 Computer Music magazine2 Beat magazine3 Keys magazine4 Multilayer5 Samples6 Synthesis7 Filters8 Effects9 Modulation10 Arpeggiator11 Samples12 Beat magazine13
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