True Analog Modeling Technology

It has been the aim of developers the world over to bring the best "Virtual Analog"  plug-ins possible to re-create the sound of classic hardware synths.
However, unlike many competitors who sell 'Virtual Analog Synthesizers' which are at best mere approximations of what happens in the real world, we set out to create not just another synthesizer with character, but one that truly represents the sound of analog hardware.
We carefully analyzed & modeled the circuits of many classic performance synthesizers, including even single capacitors and resistors to provide an extremely accurate analog model, faithfully capturing the spirit and character of these old machines.


Analog saw
Saurus saw
Competing product saw
Analog sawtooth generator

Sawtooth sampled from a famous analog synthesizer

Sawtooth created by Saurus with True Analog Modeling

Sawtooth from a competing 'Virtual analog' product

An oscillator waveform which is generated by an analog rc circuit is far away from perfect. It suffers from phase shifts, drift and distortion.
Unlike competing companies which claim to sell 'virtual analog synthesizers' which are in fact only very rough approximations of what happens in the real world we decided for a radical and very challenging approach: We modeled the synthesizer circuits including all capacitors and resistors from the scratch to provide a real accurate emulation. As a result our extremely accurate analog model suffers from the same weaknesses and problems like phase shifts or distortion like in the real world and really captures the spirit of these old machines. Beside of the standard waveforms like saw or square we decided to add also exciting waveforms from exotic hard-to-get analog synthesizers.
Competing 'virtual analog' synthesizers mostly use samples or wavetables to model the oscillators. These approaches are only a very rough approximation and will always sound more 'digital' since they are lacking when it comes to detail.


Analog filter resonance
Saurus filter resonance
Competing product resonance

Resonance of an analog 12dB Curtis lowpass filter

Saurus' lowpass with True Analog Modeling

Competing product's 'Virtual analog lowpass filter'

Most analog filters are far away from being perfect. They suffer from distortion, noise, phase shift and self-oscillation. But exactly this imperfectness make them sound interesting and natural. Doing an accurate model of an analog filter with all details is very difficult. Only a long-year expert in digital signal processing with scientific knowledge is able to do this job properly.
The filters of competing products model no or only some aspects of the analog filter. They are only rough approximations - and that's why they will always sound more 'digital' and 'cold'.

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