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The Trance & EDM Soundset

Huge supersaws, earth shattering bass and epic melodies. The energy raises from the build-up to the drop.
This set takes advantage of Icarus' powerful oscillator section and wavetable capabilities to deliver high powered sounds, which can act as the driving force in your productions. Whether you're looking for soaring leads, fresh synths, inspiring arps, vocal cuts, booming bass, crisp plucks or intense effects -  it's all here!


This set is suitable for Trance, EDM, House, Hardstyle, Dance, Synthpop, Trap, Rave and many other electronic genres.

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  • 210 sounds created by professional sound designers
  • Dancefloor driving sounds
  • Utilizing Icarus' powerful stereo hypersaw capabilities
  • The patches contain a large number of new wavetables and waveforms
  • Comfortable installation
  • Seamless integration into the user interface
  • Uses the new features of Icarus v1.1 or higher
  • Only high-quality content, no 'gap filler' patches
  • All sounds are properly programmed, they are 'not just samples'. The benefit is a larger dynamic range, more expression and the highest possible sound quality.
  • All presets can be altered with the mod-wheel

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel and velocity. For instant usability the volume of all sounds has been normalized carefully. The sounds have been created by a team of professional designers: Troels Nygaard, Markus Krause, Denis Baranov, Maliki Ramia, Nathan Fox and Sebastian Weaver.



1Alloy 1 UT
1Alloy 2 UT
1Alloy 3 UT
Adiago AFX
Airy lead FOX
Backround AFX
Backup AFX
Black Mania AFX
Blowjob MF
Bottlenex MF
Bright dist UT
Chords 2 AFX
ClasAnalog MR
Crylead AFX
Detuned Sharks MF
Energy AFX
Fatness AFX
Frozen AFX
Hyper Stereo Lead AFX
I Am Hardstyle AFX
Icarus hyper UT
Icarus hyper v2 UT
Icarus hyper v3 UT
Inflected UT
Leady MR
Mango UT
Memories AFX
Mind Power AFX
My World AFX
Nasty Bitcrusher MF
New Main AFX
Night spot 1 UT
Night spot 2 UT
Night spot 3 UT
Other AFX
Owl Town AZ
Phaser lead UT
PkLed MR
Pluklead UT
Sc Fist AFX
Sc For Rev Bass AFX
Sc Planet AFX
Sc PW Screech AFX
Sc Screamer AFX
Sc Std Screech AFX
Screamy AFX
Screeech 1 MF
Screeech 2 MF
Secret AFX
Sinoissmo MF
Sunrise AFX
Total Distortion AFX
Turbo Noise MF
Turbo PWM MF
Vica voce 1 UT
Vica voce 2 UT
VirHardy MR
Vocal lead 1 UT
Vocal lead 2 UT
Vocal lead 3 UT
Vocal lead 4 UT
Vocal lead 5 UT


1Smooth key 1 UT
1Smooth key 2 UT
Bella nova MF
Bright sync UT
ClasSyn MR
Comp key 2 UT
Comp key UT
Compluck UT
Delay pluck 1 UT
Delay pluck 2 UT
Detuned UT
Dirty phys UT
Edge keys UT
Emily's Keys AZ
En lys nat UT
Excavated UT
Formseq UT
Happy verb UT
Helios EP AZ
Hidden UT
Hide form UT
Hollow UT
Hybrid UT
Klikkers UT
Massive saws UT
Mec UT
Mute pluck UT
Our World AFX
Pick kyz UT
Pluggy Tekkno MF
Prog keys UT
Reflective sauce UT
Retro vox MF
Skyward UT
Soft pluck UT
Soft Vox MF
Squall UT
Summerchords 1 UT
Summerchords 2 UT
Superkeys UT
Sweet memories UT
Sweetened voc UT
Synthbrassus MF
TrancyDrSyn MR
Vocal lead 4 v2 UT
Vocpluk 2 UT
Vocpluk UT
Wide detu UT


A sub click UT
Aou alt UT
Aou UT
Badass AFX
Breach 1 UT
Breach 2 UT
Crispy AZ
Crunchy UT
Dank stack UT
Detuned Sawbass MF
Distgrowl UT
Edged 1 UT
Edged 2 UT
Fiver Sub MF
Future donk UT
Gran bass UT
Grunge 7th
Modwheel scream MF
Paste UT
Pike UT
Pluck 1 UT
Pluck 2 UT
Prodigy AFX
Saturated 1 UT
Saturated 2 UT
Saturated 3 UT
Semi donk UT
Shark crunch 2 UT
Shark crunch UT
Sine UT
Spring voc 1 UT
Spring voc 2 UT
Stupid Monk MF
Talking 2 AFX
Talking AFX
That Bass AFX
Thirder Sub MF
Trancy Saw Midbass
Tubal AFX
Unstable UT


A driving bass UT
Beyond The Sky AZ
Bound in bass 2 UT
Classiv duck bass UT
ClasSynArp MR
Corner UT
Energetic UT
Fast detuned UT
Firefly Arp MF
Hollow pulse 1 UT
Hollow pulse 2 UT
Intros MR
LeadyArp 1 MR
LeadyArp 2 MR
Light layer 2 UT
Light layer UT
Medial 2 UT
Multitapping 1 UT
Multitapping 2 UT
Picks UT
RaceDancy MR
Reso form UT
Shaded Light AZ
Squarp UT
TrancyDc MR
Turbo Arp MF
VirHardArp MR
Vocpl run UT
Voicy AFX
Wannabe AZ

Pads and Gates

A room pad UT
Beauty vox pad MF
Dream layers 1 UT
Dream layers 2 UT
Elysium Gate MF
Fading am UT
Fallen Grace AZ
Gated Hollows MF
Gated Staxx MF
Gated Trance 2020 MF
Glass Lungs AZ
Organ detu UT
Subtle saturation UT
TranceGate Vox MF
Wide pass UT
Wide super UT

Effects & Drums

AM rise UT
Groove Voc Chord MF
Hyper rise UT
KickbaseX MF
Noise burst 1 UT
Noise burst 2 UT
Noise down up 1 UT
Noise down up 2 UT
Noisedowner MF
Pitch 1 UT
Pitch 2 UT
Pitch 3 UT
Pitch down 1 UT