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The State of Art Expansion

State of Art adds exciting new features and a collection of 315 ingeniously programmed sounds by 8 professional sound designers.
It contains a large number of unrivaled sounds which can exclusively be created with Tone2's innovative HCM synthesis.
The presets are suitable for a wide range of genres including Ambient, Experimental, Progressive, Atmosphere, Film Score, Chillout, EDM, Dance, Trance and Electronica.
A must have if you're looking for new sounds, or want to expand Gladiator with more features.

Expansion highlights:

  • 315 inspiring, unique presets aimed at miscellaneous genres of electronic music
  • 26 additional waves for OSC5
  • 8 additional high-end filter types
  • 2 additional analog modeled distortion types
  • Waveshaper
  • Trancegate
  • 7 additional effects
  • All sounds are properly programmed, not only simple samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.

Additional waveforms

The 315 new presets of the expansion make use of 26 new waveforms which are available for  OSC5. They extend Gladiator's sonic range with more human voices, athmos, noises, percussives, samples, scratches, hits, synthethic waves, effects, ...


  • LP Dirty1 / LP Dirty2: Two analog modeled non linear filters
  • LP Voca1/ LP Voca2: Two non-linear filters with resonance which sounds similar
    to the human voice.
  • BP Moog: An analog modeled Moog bandpass with soft resonance.
  • EQ Wide: Soft sounding equalizer which attenuates a broad spectrum.
  • Allpass: A mystic filter that passes all frequencies but alters the phase of the signal.
  • Comb-: A comb filter which is useful for flanging or physical modeling sounds.


  • Asymmetric: This distortion simultes non-linearities of old gear.
  • Soft saturation: This distortion sounds like an old analogue tube.

Synthesis modules

The innovative 'Waveshape2' dynamic processor offers an unique and clean sound and adds some kind of vocaloid character.


  • Trancegate: The impressive and easy to use stereo Trancegate effect adds 22 different rhythmic patterns to your sounds with a single mouse click. It automatically syncs with your song.
  • Reverb Ultra: Is a high-end-quality reverb algorithm, which sounds very soft and diffuse. It is especially suitable for very large rooms and sculpting the proper ambience.
  • 3 Reflection types: The three different reflection types simulte the early reflections of small rooms, reverse echoes and gated reverbs.
  • Aliaser: This LoFi retro-effect drastically alters the sound or adds the mojo of old computer games from the 90s.
  • Stereo Enhance: Is a stereo width effect, which expands the stereo field, while keeping the bass intact.


The 315 sounds for this expansion are a best-of-selection from more than 1000 sounds which were created by 8(!) professional sound designers: Markus Feil, Bastiaan van Noord, Bryan 'Xenos' Lee, Alusio de Lima, Dajan Izzo, Massimo Bosco, Marco Scherer and Patchen Preston.

Only unique and musically useful sounds were selected and carefully sorted to categories.


AR Amnesia XS
AR Arpalade PP
AR AthenMelody 4 AL
AR Bamboos AL
AR Bat song MaxS
AR BellToy AL
AR Burnin MSC
AR Burnnoise BN
AR Cellphone MaxS
AR Chalklines BN
AR Chordwalk BN
AR DazePhase BN
AR Deluzions BN
AR EasyPeasy XS
AR evOlverSeq PP
AR FMDistzz BN
AR FMrhythms BN
AR GoldfishRhythm
AR Gray MW MaxS
AR Harris MW MaxS
AR JajaTribe BN
AR Lilith MW MaxS
AR Lilith2 MW MaxS
AR LivgColors PP
AR Liz MW MaxS
AR Lover 2 AL
AR Minimalls BN
AR MoonWalker 2 AL
AR Mooslether PP
AR Persuasion BN
AR Plugzilla MF
AR Prophet MW MaxS
AR pSyncopath BN
AR Raj MW MaxS
AR RisingHigh PP
AR Romantic AL
AR Smoothsteps BN
AR SolidSawws BN
AR Solst MaxS
AR Step LFO MaxS
AR The SoundVoice
AR Timegate BN
AR Tyrantanic BN
AR Uploads BN
AR Verbish MSC
AR XStation 2 AL

Drumlines and Drums

DR DeltaRhythm BN
DR Hihat and Perc
DR HydroDrums XS
DR Monkey Fonics BN
DR Nativdrums BN
DR Timechos BN
DR Timpani2 MF


FX Alien AL
FX Alien Talk MF
FX AlienBubble BN
FX AlienEating AL
FX Alienspace MF
FX Alienvoice DI
FX Belliasing BN
FX BikeWheel PP
FX Bubblingz BN
FX ChemicalBrothers
FX Chip Hits XS
FX Cinema Boom
FX Core Chaos MSC
FX Dangerous Sea
FX Dragon MF
FX ElecHarps BN
FX Final AL
FX Forum Troll MF
FX GhostPump PP
FX iAmrabbit BN
FX IcedMinimalism XS
FX JMJ Oxygene MaxS
FX Kraklebox XS
FX Machinegun MF
FX Melostop BN
FX MoaningGirlfriend
FX Rising BN
FX Rollwithit BN
FX SineMirror BN
FX Staircase BN
FX Tom&Jerry AL
FX Tomita MF
FX UpCycling PP
FX Waveshapemad
FX Wind2 AL


LD 80sLead BN
LD April BN
LD Atoms BN
LD Delia MaxS
LD Falcon DI
LD Fannoise BN
LD FatOrganic MF
LD fiveSquare PP
LD MetallicNewWave
LD Organic 2 AL
LD PianoFantasy AL
LD PianoSynth AL
LD SignaLed AL
LD SignalPray AL
LD SineBell AL
LD SoundAthen AL
LD Square 3 AL
LD Squeaky BN
LD TSquares BN
LD VeloMoog PP

Synth sounds

SY Acid bots MaxS
SY Acordi BN
SY Alien Groove MSC
SY Bubbletrap BN
SY Chaser BN
SY Chorddump BN
SY Dark Hits XS
SY Dreamcatcher DI
SY Dune
SY Gritt Fall BN
SY Hardcorevoice MF
SY Hardcorevoice2 MF
SY Heavy Bell MSC
SY Interlude MSC
SY Jml MaxS
SY Madness MF
SY MakeItJump MaxS
SY MegaStab BN
SY Mooglie BN
SY Morillo DI
SY Mousetrap BN
SY neoclassic PP
SY OmCmpanion PP
SY Overtonator MF
SY Phoenixx BN
SY PitchyLukc PP
SY Polysaw XS
SY Progkeys BN
SY Rabidia MaxS
SY Rahrah BN
SY Riffmake MaxS
SY Scar MaxS
SY The other side MSC
SY TightBands MF
SY uTurns BN
SY Violence MaxS
SY ViolencePitch MaxS
SY Watergate DI
SY Zita DI


VO BackPlug MF
VO Tronic MaxS


AT Abstract MF
AT AlarmMachine AL
AT Alien4 MaxS
AT Aliensphere MF
AT AngryBubble MF
AT Birds MF
AT Black Forest DI
AT BreakingAtomz BN
AT Candyman MaxS
AT ColdEmbrce PP
AT Computer AL
AT Darkbark BN
AT Darkdrohns BN
AT DarkTextures BN
AT Datahighway MF
AT DeepSpace9 MF
AT DroneAero MaxS
AT DstyCreepr PP
AT Dustform PP
AT Genesis XS
AT Grillons MF
AT Horrific MF
AT JungleTribes MF
AT Kombinator BN
AT MaffiaGuns MF
AT MidniteSpheres BN
AT New World DI
AT Niagara MF
AT OnTheBeach MF
AT Pitchblack BN
AT Radioactivity MF
AT Rain MF
AT Rehybration BN
AT River MF
AT Sci-Fi MaxS
AT Slowlane BN
AT Space Drone MaxS
AT Specskews BN
AT StopVietnamWar MF
AT Strange Days MF
AT StrangeHorizons BN
AT Sw33pz BN
AT tinklswell PP
AT Tower BN
AT Wellenthal MF
AT WillOfWinds MaxS
AT WitchKitchen MF


BA EvenSquare BN
BA Maure BN
BA Pluckbass BN
BA Rusty MaxS
BA Senso DI
BA Still Rocking DI
BA Strungout BN
BA Vo Bee HIt PP


BR SimTrumpet BN
FL RioGrande MaxS
ST Seventy2 BN


NA Angel Harp XS
NA Carillon BN
NA Cowbell BN
NA Didge1 MF
NA Didge2 MF
NA Fmattbell BN
NA Rainforest1 MF
NA Rainforest2 MF
NA Subharmonic BN
NA UnisonBells BN


OR Anthon LaV MaxS
OR BachOnSpace
OR Housey BN
OR MinmlOrgan PP
OR Mr. Crowley MaxS


PA  SadWater AL
PA 70sBliss BN
PA All Carnival AL
PA Aquarius BN
PA ArcticWind AL
PA Asteroids BN
PA BehindWalls DI
PA Bellshaped BN
PA CellarDoor PP
PA CheapAaaa MF
PA CheapChoir MF
PA CheapUuu MF
PA Choral BN
PA ChordTexture BN
PA ChrdexMod MF
PA Colours BN
PA DayAfter MaxS
PA DayBefore MaxS
PA Dream Field BN
PA Eternety AL
PA Eureka BN
PA Fierypad BN
PA Hallvocca BN
PA HarmonicFlow XS
PA HCMSynthesis MF
PA Hidden Moon MF
PA Hidden Planet BN
PA Huge MW MaxS
PA Karma XS
PA Kayotiq XS
PA Kimberly BN
PA LifeCycles PP
PA Lover AL
PA MartianOutpost
PA Megchord BN
PA Mysterious Dark
PA Nebula BN
PA Nosinck PP
PA Nostalgic MaxS
PA Oachkatzl MF
PA OutWorld BN
PA Particlemass BN
PA Phasey BN
PA PHstrings BN
PA Primes BN
PA ProgLove PP
PA Razor MaxS
PA Requiem XS
PA Sawpad BN
PA Shakee BN
PA Softfilt MaxS
PA Softpads BN
PA SoundofRadio AL
PA Squared Paths BN
PA Squarelives BN
PA StarsDance 2 AL
PA StarsDance AL
PA Steppingstone BN
PA StillMovement BN
PA Stringer BN
PA Swampthing BN
PA Sweeep BN
PA Terror AL
PA To Chaos PP
PA TonesTo BN
PA Trancedreams
PA Transsients BN
PA Tremolo Strings
PA Trexx BN
PA Twinkles BN
PA Univerze BN
PA Vectors XS
PA Warm Cheese DI
PA Warmifier BN
PA Whatsleft BN
PA WideArrays BN
PA WorldPad 3 AL
PA WorldPad 4 AL


GT Constantino DI
GT Retro DI
GT Stratosphere DI

Piano and keys

EP Neutron Ray DI
PE Celetial XS
PE DisharmBell
PE JunkBells XS
PE KeyDex PP
PI Waveshaperwurli

The additional sounds can be easily accessed from the interface.

26 new waveforms extend Gladiator's sonic range.

8 additional high-end filter types provides an unheard and very characteristic sound. The filters are exclusive to Gladiator and not available from other companies.  

The 'Asymetric' and 'Soft' distortion are modes of an analogue tubes with soft saturation.
The innovative 'Waveshape2' dynamic processor offers an unique sound.

7 additional effects expand the sonic range of Gladiator. The impressive and easy to use stereo Trancegate effect adds 22 different rhythmic patterns to your sounds with a single mouse click.

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