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The SpaceTrip Soundset

Exploring the experimental and atmospheric side of Icarus's 3D wavetable synthesis, the SpaceTrip set is filled with over 200 intricate sound impressions that will help you set the mood perfectly. Featuring otherworldly soundscapes, transcendental pads, organic drones, interstellar effects, abstract synths and comprehensive arpeggios. SpaceTrip is mysterious, evolving and packed with a wealth of creative twists for you to explore.


Perfect for many genres, such as Electronica, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Berlin School, Ambient, Film score, Atmospheric, Chillout, Space, Industrial, Trance, Hiphop, EDM and a wide variety of other music genres.

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  • Over 200 superb presets created by 23 professional designers
  • Unique sounds using the innovative 3D wavetable synthesis
  • The patches contain a large number of new wavetables and waveforms
  • Comfortable installation
  • Seamless integration into the user interface
  • Only high-quality content. No 'gap filler' patches
  • All sounds are properly programmed - they are 'not just samples'. This gives you the complete dynamic range, a lot more expression and the highest possible sound quality.
  • Most patches can be 'morphed' with the modwheel

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds have been carefully normalized. The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large team of professional sounddesigners:
Bigtone (BT), John Lehmkuhl / PlugInGURU (GURU), Mac of BIOnighT (Mac),  Xenos (XS), Ed Ten Eyck (EDT), Massimo Bosco (MxS), Brandon Clark (BC), Satya Choudbury (sT), Markus Krause from Tone2 (MF), Troels Nygaard (STS),   Ingo Weidner (IW), Reinhard Reschner (RR),  Patrick Gambart (PGT), SupremeJA (SJA), Torben Hansen (TH), Lukas Jankowski (TTS), Carl Schmeller Noizefield (CPS), Felingen (FLN), Maliki (MR), Nathan Fox (FOX), Ranzor Emmanuel (RZ), Solidtracks (ST),  Carl Lofgren (PH),

Atmo & FX

Atari Throwback ES
Bass Seq sT
Bizarro MR
BrassyLead CPS
Cabal MxS
CatchMe MR
Cellula MxS
ClubSequence CPS
ClubSequence2 CPS
Dance of Wolf sT
Darknessy MR
DarkynessV2 MR
Diamond Cave BT
DiMethylTryptamine XS
Distant Memories ST
Do You Believe ST
Drive Themes D#3 BT
Epsilon Aurigae BT
FiltOsc BC
Fractal Burst BC
Fractal Storm BC
Grass Hopper sT
Guitarchimes BC
Hidden MR
Hollow Emotions ST
Horrorsphere BC
Hypnotic Addon BT
Hypnotic Scraper BT
Icarus Minds BT
Kiss The Sky BC
L.S.G. Deep Blue BT
LookingBack BC
Lost Planet MxS
LostIce MR
Lugosi Enters BC
Lunar Vault BC
Mario Sinus
New Life BC
Occasionally Hollow BT
Occasions BT
One Finger RR
Progressive CPS
Reversed Dreams BT
Rezo Nebula BC
Riser Harmonics FLN
Shadow Walker BC
Skyline MR
SonarButterfly BC
SpaceDrift BC
Spacewalker ST
Sparks MxS
StrangeCavern BC
SwingingArp CPS
Technogroover BT
The Race BC
Timeless ST
Warbler BT
Wobble Sequi CPS
Zantha EDT

Arpeggiator & Sequence

1st Mvmnt FLN
Access & Amplify ES
ActHor MR
AnaVirV2 MR
Boiled Potato sT
Catch It BT
Chicanes ST
Chip VS Trance FLN
Coulrophobia BC
danceWme MR
drumact1 MR
drumact2 MR
Dub TH
Endless Bass ST
Endor Maximus ST
Excited Pad PGT
Grab Tech Chord BT
Happy Mau5 GURU
Hold Chord BT
ItalianBnStyle MR
Jagged Ride Bass ES
Loop TTS
MartianMud BC
MartianMud2 BC
Maze of Muse ST
Mother Of Random BT
MoveMe MR
NightRun MR
NoizBass SJA
Peggio Finale ST
Play some Chords ST
Popping Around BT
Red Sky Below BC
Rhythm Maker MxS
Ride At 138 ES
Robchat MxS
Sequeggio ST
Signs Of Dub TH
Slippery BT
Snakeskin BC
StarComp MR
Tale of Sinus
TekHuntz MR
Thermas Life sT
TheRunner MR
Timelapse GURU
Transformer BT
WS Stars SJA
Zen Basso Loop SJA


Acidic Phaser Pad IW
Acrylic Glass IW
Airy Talk FLN
At Sunrise ES
Big One TH
Castle of Glass IW
Cave Paddy MR
DigiChoir SJA
Distorted Waves ST
Dual Comb Pad IW
Eutow TH
FMish Vox Pad 2 IW
FMormants IW
Glassy Strings IW
Icarus Dream MxS
Matrix Cream Pad SJA
Matrix Soft Pad SJA
Molecula MxS
Norsky Morning MxS
Pad Looper ST
Peak Morph Pd IW
Peaky Phaser Vox 1 IW
Peaky Phaser Vox 2 IW
Phased Vox IW
Power Pad PGT
Ripple Pad EDT
Sinus ClusterF ST
Slow Pad PGT
Smooth Transitions ST
String Slicer ST
Viberell MxS
Vintage Voices XS
Voxy Pad 1 IW
What the Flange ST

Synths, Keys & Stacks

Bariuz Sweep ES
Bass Chord ST
Beauty FM MxS
Beauty PGT
Becoming Piano ST
Bells From Jupiter ST
Bodbold PGT
Brassy PGT
Breathe FOX
Brute Piano BC
Chorda-Roy FOX
Dirty Orchestra ST
Father PGT
Flexsyn RR
FM E-Piano 80s BT
Ghostcall BC
Good Mourning BC
Keys of Iglarus sT
KindMonster BC
MachinesCanTalk FLN
Male Alpha ST
Secret Iterations ST
Spectral Proposal ST
SpongBob Square FOX
Spring Or Deny ST
Step Up Game ST
Sunrise in Orbit ES
Troll Talk FLN
VS Prophecy ST

Gates and Wobbles

Baldurs Gate ST
Before We Leave ES
BillGates RR
Broken Wings GURU
Conehead GURU
Dark Train FOX
Gate to Oblivion ST
GateMyTune CPS
Gatomatic RR
GreasyReesey RZ
Hynotica RR
Novagate RR
Teknik FOX
The Last Gate ST
Toosher ES
Uncing Boobs MxS
Voicegate RR
WaleArp RR
WobblinMadness FLN