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Tone2 Electra2


The Rompler soundset utilizes ElectraX' powerful multi-layer capabilities with a rich blend of sampling and synthesis.
This creative sound library features a selection of 200 breathtaking presets, new inspirational sounds that cover a wide spectrum of music styles and built to provide a wealth of inspiration.

The perfect companion when writing your new track, Rompler has it all! from evolving atmospheres, evocative pads, expressive pianos and jazzy organs, up to complex arpeggios, pumping beats and raw basses. All sounds are carefully tweaked for maximum inspiration, usability and ready to be used in your productions..

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  • 200 exquisite new presets by professinal sounddesigners
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration to the user interface
  • Compatible with ElectraX and Electra2


Perfect for many genres, such as Trance, Dance, Cinematic, Ambient, Electronica, Pop, IDM, Soundtrack, Progressive, House, HipHop, Jazz and a wide variety of other music genres.

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds have been carefully normalized. The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by professional sounddesigners: Marco Scherer, Troels Nygaard,, Mac of BIOnighT, Nori Ubukata, Ed Ten Eyck, Bob Kickflip, Massimo Bosco, Diego Callegari, Eppo Schaap, Culture Electronic, Rob Mitchell, Carl Butler, Ron Mulder, Anatolyj Bugaichuk, Bastiaan van Noord. Vocal samples kindly provided by Carol Hahn -

Tone2 ElectraX

200 new Patches:

Deep Pads

Breathy pad STS
Constellation MxS
Dark Star MxS
Epika MxS
Event Horizon NU
Icicles KF
Indian Ensemble
Inside The System
Lost Signal MxS
Mell400 3Violins NU
Mell400 Viln Ens NU
Monastery MxS
Multikulti MAS
Outside KF
Paradise Strings
Rattle and Strings
ReversePad RM
Shades MAS
Shimmer MAS
Slow Strings MxS
Slow Swirl EDT
Smooth cho STS
Spicy Flavour MAS
Spring Rise EDT
Strings Session MxS
Superstrings BN
Takemitsu NU
The Big Hit MxS
Three Guys MAS
TinCanDrum Plus
Waterworld MAS
Way Up To The Sky
Weekdays AB
Whispering MxS
Wide String Section
Yeti KF
Zen Meditation Pad

Real world sounds

70sFeel Mac
Beach Romance
BridgeTooFar Mac
C-Stick Clean NU
Cave Mallet MAS
Clean Panflute MAS
Don Juan MAS
Ethno Brass MAS
Fantasy Flute MAS
Floating Mute MAS
Forest Flutes MxS
Harpye MAS
Hawaii Calling MAS
Hibernation MAS
Long Gong MAS
Lost In The Forest
Mell400 Flute Stereo
Morning Bells MAS
Nylon Bells MAS
Rainy Day MAS
Santoor A lot NU
Santoor NU
SarodLoops1 NU
Xylophone MAS
Shadow Child MAS
Staccato Flute MAS
TinCanDrum Bell

Drumkits & Percussive

Analogue Kit MAS
Bit Kit MAS
Darbuka MAS
DD8 Kit KF
Djembe MAS
Dogbowlkit ES
DWKit b AB
DWKit d AB
ElectroDrumkit1 NU
ElectroDrumkit2 NU
GlasRub RoM
Ground drum kit DC
HumanboxKit ES
Kalimba BN
LamaKecac1 NU
Marimbarium CB
Mixed Woods MAS
Mouth play C4 ES
MouthworkKit ES
Pentatomic CB
R0ughkit BN
RingmetalKit ES
Smashed Rocker
Soul Breaks BN
Speak Glitch Kit
Taped Analog Kit

Emotional Athmos

Akward pad ES
Arkeos MxS
AtmoMime Mac
Blurry vision STS
Brazilian Jungle AL
Distant Island MxS
Distant roar STS
Down the drain STS
Dusk is upon us
Echos MxS
GlobiesTwo RoM
Innsmouth MxS
Metal pipes STS
Musicbox STS
Organic waves DC
Plesant drone STS
Sand STS
Toothbrush STS
WarMemories Mac
Whisper MxS
Wind Jungle AL


Vocals & Voices

AM Radio MxS
Apache RoM
Bitchoir MAS
Bright choir STS
Camelot MxS
CarolVocals01 BN
CarolVocals02 BN
CarolVocals03 BN
CarolVocals04 BN
CrushVox KF
East choir STS
Forsaken Choir MAS
Mixed choir1 STS
Mystic FemChoir
Phoneme a1 AB
ResDanceChoir BN
Tidy Choir MAS
VoicesIHear Mac
VoisaOne RoM
VoisaSix RoM
Ya choir STS

Bass with pressure

Acoustic Treatment
Bwah Bass KF
C-Stick Rich Bass
Chanting Stick Bas
Deepbass BN
Deviant Bass KF
Dirty FM Bass KF
Dubstep Trombone
EK Psy Bass KF

Expressive Keys

Chariots Piano MxS
Classic Clean Piano
DacousPiano BN
Dream Quest MxS
Dreamers Piano
Dubpiano BN
Ethnorganic MAS
Funk Master MAS
Ghost In The Wurly
Jazz Master MAS
Mambo Jambo MAS
Massive Organ MAS
Pluck EP MxS
Syn Piano Voice AL
Toy Piano KF
Toy Time MAS
Unity Piano MAS
Warm EP MxS
Watery Piano MAS

Stunning Effects

Airships KF
Apocalyptic Wood
C64 Gamer KF
Cadetral AL
Chatter AL
Crazy Bird AL
Digital Thunder AL
Heavy Barrel MAS
Slasher Whine EDT
SpacePad AL


Arpy Strings MAS
BTB Harmonic EDT
Choirgan MAS
Crusade EDT
Dance mode DC
Dancer AL
Distracted Glass
Fantasia MAS
Freestyle Mood MAS
Harpeggiate MAS
Long Way EDT
Lucid Moments MAS
Mystery Piano AL
String Sections MAS
Take My Hand Follow
The African Jungle
Zulhu MxS

Cutting Leads

Choioto MAS
EK Stab KF
Evo Split EDT
Fresh pop chords
Frsh pop chrd 2 STS
Jungle Hybrid MAS
Lonely STS
Lyrica MxS
Overdreamer MAS
Syn Square AL
Syn Synth Bell AL
Time In Motion MAS

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