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Pop & Electro soundset

The crowd is out for fresh tunes so give it to them! Get ready for hot melodies, crisp Electro bass lines and a feel-good club vibe.

The Pop & Electro soundset will supply you with 150 modern, up-to-date sounds, perfect for commercial productions. Focusing on a wide variety of modern genres, this soundset will work great for mainstream radio, mainstream night clubs and harder electro/club music.

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Soundset highlights

  • 150 Fresh, crisp and modern sounds
  • Carefully sequenced hook lines
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration to the user interface
  • All sounds are properly programmed and do not contain samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.


This soundset is suitable for a wide range of styles:

Pop, Electro House, Swedish House, Dirty Dutch, Complextro, IDM, Synthpop, Dance and  Trance

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. Many of the presets have been sequenced in Saurus, in order to inspire and ease your work.

The crowd is out for fresh tunes so give it to them! Get ready for hot melodies, crisp Electro bass lines and a feel-good club vibe.

150 new Patches:

Modern-Style Synths

Add formants
Bell key
detu saws
Fresh stab
Friendly key
Gl stab
Hook organ 1
Hook organ 2
Light keys
Liquid stab
Love stab 2
Love stab 3
Love stab
Major stab 1
Mega organ
Minor pitch
Minor stab 1
Minor stab 2
Pad w release
Pln sweed saw 2
Pln sweed saw
Poly saw
Soft pad 1
Soft pad 2
Space stab
Square key
Stab and pad
Sust key 2
Sust key
Uni organ
Wide sqr n saw

Inspiring Arpeggiators

5th house line
7th flterMod bass
7th stabs 2
7th stabs
Add banger voc 2
Add banger voc
Bass to lead
Bring it
Clean pikes
Combi pluck
Crisp saw seq
Dirty beaches
Dirty plucks 1
Dist lead
Dutch pitch 2
Dutch pitch
Electro pikes
Electroline 1
Electroline 1 v2
FilterM bass
Filthy lead 2
Filthy lead
Fresh ldz 1
Funky sqr bass
happy 7th 2
happy 7th 3
happy 7th 4
happy 7th

More Arpeggios

House plucks v1
House plucks v2
Late nights
Pitch attack
Pitch rel bsl 2
Pitch rel bsl 3
Pitch rel bsl
Plack perc
Pluck line
Rat bs layer
Rdy up plucks
SC this
Stady plucks
Super club line
Thick sq sawz
To the nights
Top line 1
Top line 2
Top line 3
Top line 4
Top line 5
Wobs to sus bs 2
Wobs to sus bs 

Earthshaking Bass

Adjust phase
Basic saw
Complextro saw
Crisp saw 1
Crisp saw 2
Crisp saw 3
Crisp saw 4
Dirty saw
Dirty saw wobs
Funky square
Moving saw
Sust Electro 1
Sust Electro 2
Sust Electro 3
Thick electro 1 v1
Thick electro 1 v2
Thick electro 2
Thick electro 3
Thick squares 1
Thick squares 2
Wobs 1
Wobs 2

Cutting Leads

Deformed square
Drop pitch
Dusty lead
Filter flip
Great w formants
Party zaag
Saw below
Square lead 2
Square lead 3
Square lead
Square mix
Summer lead 2
Summer lead 3
Summer lead
Wide shaped fl
Wide synth flute

Autochord Arps

1 Add sub note
1 in this category
Delay gate
Filter wabs
Hold chords
Lazy plucks
Lead to plucks
N 2 formants
Nylon picks yea
Phony arp
Saw seq 2
Saw seq
Spiky plucks
Stab seq 1
Stab seq 2

Wicked FX

Medium riser 1
Medium riser 2
Medium riser 3
Medium riser 4
Medium riser 5
Medium riser 6
Off beat pitch 1
Off beat pitch 2
Robo 1
Robo 2
Small riser 1

Sound design by
Troels Nygaard

Tone2 Saurus