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Click here to buy it now!Futuron Expansion

The Futuron expansion takes Rayblaster's capabilities even further, delivering a wide palette of complex sounds, longing to be explored and tweaked.
With a clear focus on fresh new material, morphed, mangled and blended into a unique collection of sounds, Futuron showcases Rayblaster's finest creations, harnessing the unlimited potential Impulse Modelling Synthesis has to offer.

Click here to buy it now!Ambisphere Soundset

Ambisphere is the ideal companion for contemporary songwriting, providing excellent inspiration for composers.
Jam packed with high-end quality sounds that will bring color to any piece of audio work, Ambisphere takes you on an aural journey filled with organic atmospheres, complex soundscapes, gritty textures, dark drones and evolving effects.

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Tone2 RayBlaster Synthesizer

Click here to buy it now!IMS Exclusive Soundset

IMS Exclusive takes Rayblaster's Impulse Modeling Synthesis capabilities to the next level, breaking sonic barriers with a smooth blend of unique and twisted sounds. This set contains expressive presets, each build to have its own unique texture and character, providing a wealth of inspiration and creativity for you to work with.

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Click here to buy it now!Epic Pads Soundset

Epic pads kicks Rayblaster's Impulse Modelling a notch and provides a comprehensive collection of rich soundscapes.
Capturing the entire emotional palette, from dramatic strings, expressive vocals, uplifting pads, ambitious atmospherics, up to pure enigmatic textures. Deep, evolving and of course packed with sonic movement, Epic pads is the ideal companion to set the right mood for your next production.

Click here to buy it now!Deep Space Soundset

Exploring the experimental and atmospheric side of Rayblaster's Impulse Modeling synthesis, the Deep Space set is filled with 200 intricate sound impressions that will help you set the mood perfectly. Featuring otherworldly soundscapes, transcendental pads, organic drones, interstellar effects, abstract synths and comprehensive arpeggios.

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