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The Morphing Soundset

Morphing is an inspiring collection of 200 hand-picked presets for Electra programmed by a team of professional sound designers.
The Morphing soundset focuses on Electra's extensive capabilities to morph oscillator shapes and wavetables to deliver a wide palette of complex soundscapes, warped arps, evolving pads, powerful basses and massive synth sounds.

Morphing is suitable for Electronic, House, Soundtrack, Dance, Ambient, IDM and a wide variety of other music genres.

This set is compatible with ElectraX and Electra2.

Professional sound design

The soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. All sounds are properly programmed, not only simple samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. The sounds can be morphed with the modwheel. Some complex arrangements use multiple layers - that's why the soundset contains not only 200 patches, but over 300 sounds. The high quality sounds are a selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners:

  • Massimo Bosco
  • Ed Ten Eyck
  • Marco Scherer
  • Reinhard Reschner
  • Stephen Krajewski
  • The Unshushable Coktor
  • Bryan 'Xenos' Lee
  • Sean Charles
  • SupremeJa
  • George Zondagh
  • Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2)
  • Markus Feil (Tone2)

The Morphing Soundset comes with a comfortable and easy-to-use installer for Mac and PC.

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The additional content perfectly integrates to the user interface. The new sounds can be easily accessed by choosing 'Morph' in the category selector.  .

Multitimbral Sequences

Arabesque MxS
Backspin MAS
Bambata MxS
Beatwave EDT
Belladonna EDT
Boom Box MxS
Breath MxS
Chant MxS
CowString SJA
Cut Split EDT
Dark Club SJA
Dayana MxS
Dial In MxS
Electroid II SJA
Esophagus EDT
Fracto EDT
Geminal MxS
Ghostwriter MAS
Glenda MxS
Gnom RR
Golem EDT
Hypnotic SJA
Night Twinkle GZ
Paranormal SJA
Powerpole MAS
Protracker MxS
Pulse Of Time MAS
Soft Simpler MAS
Speedweave EDT
Spicy EDT
Spitter GZ
State Of Trance MAS
Subway II SJA
Sugar Rhythm BN

Unique Atmos & Pads

Amelle BN
Analog Pad 1 TUC
Beams MxS
Bearing down GZ
Bellic MF
Bitter Fruits MAS
China MF
ChordWorkx BN
Corner Mover MAS
Curse MxS
DewDrops BN
Disturbance MAS
Freddie MxS
Fukushima MxS
Heavenly MF
Imposter EDT
In my dreams GZ
Inside pad MF
Instable Pad MAS
JackTR MxS
Lamia MxS
Magical MF
Massiv BN
Mello DX8 SJA
Mindstates BN
Moojn BN
Muff Seven EDT
Peaceful SC
Phazing MF
PPG Voices MxS
PrettyPad MF
Rusting Memory GZ
Sauvage MxS
Sinestesia MxS
Soaring EDT
Solid MAS
Space Flow
Spooky MF
Star Drone MxS
String Machine 2 TUC
Superwarm MF
Sweepin Up 2 EDT
Tide Lead EDT
Triumph EDT
Vintage Warmth XS
Words SK
Zephyr MxS

Cutting Synths & Leads

80er Lead RR
Anabel MxS
Buster GZ
Butternut EDT
Chapter 12 SK
Dragon MF
Dually EDT
eXsnares BN
Gliding Square MF
Heavylead MF
Heavyweight FM MAS
Hip or Hop RR
Hollox EDT
Jordan MxS
Laserkraft MAS
Lucky Man SK
Metro solo SK
Modulator MAS
Monster Lead MxS
Morpheus MF
OctaSync EDT
Open Land RR
PDist Bowler GZ
Phatman XS
Pipe Whistle Flute
Pmode BN
Polysynth 2 TUC
Powerchords MF
Pure Sickness MAS
Rat Attack RR
Sawna EDT
Scratched GZ
Separate Ways SK
Single Cell Worm 2
Single Cell Worm 4
Slideshow EDT
Slipping Daisies GZ
Somber EDT
Space DS MxS
Squared EDT
StackedSC BN
Star Flood GZ
Subdivide 1 SK
Synced glide MF
Telemetry SC
Telstar SK
Tom Sawyer 1 SK
Tumble BN
Voices Carry SK
Wavotablo MAS
Who 2011 MxS
X Files SK

Massive Basses

Acidbase MF
AnalogBass2 MF
Bazdrop BN
Boomer BN
Cats MF
Crunchy Bass SC
DaAcidbass MF
Electratify BN
Flutters SK
Funkbass MF
HollowbassArp MF
Junglebass MF
Moddeep BN
Pluckimp BN
Ruffbass MF
Ruffneck BN
Sixtyfive MxS
Smackbass MF
Style HARD Two GZ
Superhollow MF
Synco Bass EDT
Syncopath BN
Synth Funk Bass 3

Crystal-clear Keys

Clavinet 2 TUC
Dixy MxS
From Tone2 in 1995
Kristal Key GZ
PianoBright MF
Pianofm BN
Vintage Wurly 1 TUC
Wavetable piano2 MF
Wowi GZ

Inspiring Arpeggiators:

Acid Inside MAS
Acid X GZ
Aerosphere MxS
Atmosfear MAS
Bassline RR
Bitpop MF
Blist GZ
Channel Three MAS
Floating arp MF
FMBassline MF
Give Em A House MAS
In The Groove MAS
Inside space arp MF
John Dee MxS
Median EDT
OneOsc arp MF
Plastic Machine II
Ringarp BN
Splitzville GZ
Spooker MAS
Technician MAS
Thor MAS
Tower Of Babel MAS
Valcour MxS
Wonderful MAS
Worldline II SJA

Stylish Vocals

Base go boom MF
Chatting MxS
Classic Ahhh MF
Classical BN
Perceptions BN

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