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The Fuzion soundset

Refresh your Saurus with a sonic blend of vintage analog and modern club sounds.

Fuzion takes you on a voyage into an analog world filled with immense arpeggios, cascading melodies, shimmering pads, ground shaking bass and funk driven synths.

An inspiring collection of 150 carefully designed presets, that will enrich your productions with an old school sound, infused with a modern twist.
By utilizing Saurus' many analog flavors, Fuzion is perfect for mainstream club tracks or new school electronica.

Soundset highlights

  • 150 analog modern sounds
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration to the user interface
  • All sounds are properly programmed and do not contain samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.


This soundset is suitable for a wide range of styles:
Electronica, Dance, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Trance, Pop, Complextro, DnB, Techno, IDM, HipHop and a wide variety of other music genres.

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners: Ed Ten Eyck, Himalaya, BigTone, George Zondagh, Ingo Weidner, Massimo Bosco, Reinhard Reschner, Rob Mitchell,
Rob Fabrie, The Unshushable Coktor, Marco Scherer, Rob Lee, Jay Levzi, Bjulin, Jamie Docwra, Bryan Xenos Lee, Daniela Schmidt, Bastiaan van Noord, Markus Krause

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Tone2 Saurus

150 new Patches:

Inspiring Arpeggiators

51 Osc Acid H
AcidLines RL
Act Two EDT
Agenda EDT
Agitate EDT
Antics EDT
Arp Partner RR
Axess Memories MxS
Bad Job MxS
Cotton RR
Creed MxS
Cycles EDT
Darkness MxS
Filler RR
Follow me 2.0 BT
Friday Night MxS
Funny walker RF
Industrial Acid H
InnerLife BN
Jibber Chord EDT
Metallic RM
Mouldy GZ
Myer MxS
New Order MxS
Oberon MxS
Off Beat Pluck H
Omega MxS
Ortho GZ
Pluck Hollow EDT
ProgBass RM
Questions EDT
Raspt GZ
Rolling MxS
Scurry GZ
Slide Minor EDT
Smack MxS
Softsave GZ
Sub Bass MxS
Swangy JL

More Arpeggios

The Gate RM
Ting Slide EDT
Transfert MxS
Trifon BJNVoyage MxS
Winding MxS
x80s vibe RF
Xanalog BN
1Frazzled EDT
Acid Sunrise BN
Acidic Arp 4 IW
Aedes EDT
Amphibian EDT
Angry VCF MxS
Artic MxS
Beggar GZ
Blue Mask EDT
Chirpwood EDT
Dark Psy-Sub H
Four of Nine IW
Ghost MxS
Ikarus MxS
Jeb MxS
Knock Out MxS
Minihits Mod EDT
Musicland Set
Night Shadow MxS
Pan Jumper EDT
Parksaw EDT
Prog Arp2 RM
Progress Pluck 1 H
Retroid EDT
Rockabilly RM
Saw Chordies EDT
Shower Cap JD
Sneaker EDT
Spiral MxS
The Edge MxS
Tubular twangs JL
Warmer arp RF
X-Proj MxS

Deep Pads

Air MxS
Airwave EDT
Ambient Pad MxS
Ana Detune MxS
AquaVibe2 TUC
Calm Sea MxS
Canopy EDT
Curie MxS
Gated Galaxy GZ
Glas RR
Goldpad RR
Horizon MxS
Hydrogen MxS
Jarre 2k13 MxS
Lulling EDT
Megabryte MAS
Mothership EDT
Mystic Bells MxS
Oct Jump EDT
P6 Strings IW
Pitch Pad MxS
ProgPad RM
Pulsync Pad EDT
Rayz GZ
Ridgeline EDT
Space GZ
Sparkling Sync XS
Talking Angels MxS
Vintage Pad MAS
Vosc EDT
VoyageX EDT

Unique Synths

Airychoirz BN
BigRoom1 GB
Carter Square BN
Fast Run MxS
FeedbackSyn RR
House Chord XS
Leadomatic RR
Lido RR
Lowsquared BN
Madness RR
Mean Unison EDT
Nintechno MAS
NoiseBased GB
Perle RR
Pizzicato MxS
Pzycho BN
Salt GB
Separate Ways
Stormkey2 TUC
Sudden Impact BN
Tremor MxS
Voi Syn EDT

Earthshaking Bass

Bowler GZ
Burn Piper PS
Chordy GZ
DeepSynBass DS
DigiBass3 TUC
Disjoint GZ
Electro Grit XS
Forehead EDT
Growler EDT
Kawai growler BT
Mild Mannered GZ
Picked Bass XS
Porta Bass EDT

Tone2 Saurus