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RayBlaster Futuron Expansion

The Futuron expansion

The Futuron expansion takes Rayblaster's capabilities even further, delivering a wide palette of complex sounds, longing to be explored and tweaked.

With a clear focus on fresh new material, morphed, mangled and blended into a unique collection of sounds, Futuron showcases Rayblaster's finest creations, harnessing the unlimited potential Impulse Modelling Synthesis has to offer.

This 160 preset expansion library is packed with deep evolving pads, massive basses, vibrant keys, dirty leads, phat rhythmics and angelic vocals. Next to these pristine sounds, Futuron also contains an inspiring collection of new waveforms, filters and samples, all ready to be used in your own productions.

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Expansion highlights

  • 160 exquisite new presets by professionals
  • Create new filters and waveforms with 50 new impulse responses
  • 30 new loops and samples for resynthesis
  • Customize RayBlaster with 3 additional skins (White, Red and Vintage)
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration to the user interface
  • All sounds are properly programmed, not only samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners: Himalaya, Ed Ten Eyck, Ingo Weidner, Satya Choudhury, George Zondagh, Massimo Bosco, Rainer Sauer, Zach Archer, Stephen Krajewski, Rob Fabrie, Reinhard Reschner, Yoel Kumbolu, Sami Rabia, Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2), Markus Krause (Tone2)


Inspiring Arpeggios

Alpha Ray MxS
Anna Log RR
Anthem 2013 MxS
Arpquenz RR
Asimov's Cyborg
Autobahn R2 rWs
Bellarp BN2
Bite RR
BlacknDecker rWs
BladeX MxS
Chord4 Arp sT
Clerric GZ
Dimension RR
Electronic MF
Fantastic RR
Galactic AZ
Giant Panda ZA
Head Spin H
IlchLoop MF
Nerve W-arp RF
Neurotic EDT
Optimist EDT
RitualArp MF
Rubber Bass H
Trancepan H
Tunnel Vision ZA

Earthshaking Bass

5thClubBass MF
AnaResoBass MF
BassFilterFM MF
Bricks GZ
BrummBass MF
BurpGod MF
Cover Bass EDT
Cutter GZ
Deep House H
Deepend BN
DeepPWMbass MF
Distill GZ
DubStep Lion H
Fat Mama RR
Junglist MF
Peter BJN
SmagrrrBass MF
Solidify GZ
SquareBass MF
SquareBassRMS MF
Sub Sustain H
Twilight BJN

Rhythmic Gates

Ateosphere MxS
Bell Loop 2 H
Comet Tail Dance
Filtro RR
Flyer MxS
Formants Via MW
Harmonic Trance
Minimal Progress
Prediction MxS
Repeater EDT
RuffSoloGate MF
Saw Gate sT
Shaman ZA
Straight Gate sT
Trance Gate 2 sT

Expressive Keys

Additive Bells 1
BassOrgan BN
Bell o peace BN2
Chiff Harm EDT
Clavivox Sustain
Drifter EDT
Formant Bells 4
Formant Keys 6
Glass EP H
HappyKeys SK
Harpsiwire H
Inharmonic Keys
Pianolike sT
Rumour GZ
Squaric FM Keys
Worly GZ
WT Keys 1 IW

Cutting Leads

Acidic Saw Lead
AndAlog GZ
Challenge GZ
Chaser MF
Dual Formantpulse
Flutters EDT
Game Up GZ
Gillard GZ
Guitar feedback
House banger RF
Hugo RR
I love Sines BN2
Inharmonic Ld 4
JeopardyStab SK
Juno Rez Shift
LegoBrass MF
LowGrowla MF
Mongo EDT
Old Samurai H
Phatty Saw Lead 2
PlasticBrass MF
R2D2 sings RR
ReSHonant Lead IW
ResoForce MF
SHaw Lead 1 IW
Skeleton Erhu H
Split GZ
Squaric Lead 1 IW
Squeel GZ
WT Lead 2 IW

Unique Synths

Acidic H
AngryUAnalog MF
B Right Here BN
BellingFM MF
BelovedSaurus MF
Bitcrypts MF
CwhahSync BN
Duno BN
House banger ld4
Massive Poly Keys
Old Sam EDT
PercussiveFM MF
RubbaVox MF
SHub Horn IW
StupidCarma MF
Waow EDT

Deep Pads

Adagio Syn Strings
Additive Pad IW
Ahh Cyborg Choir
AllpassPad MF
AngelicChoir MF
AngelicPad MF
AngryCat MF
BandpassPad MF
Comb Sweep Pad
Combed Vox Pad
Daffodils MxS
Defi GZ
Digipad RR
EvolvingPad MF
Female Syn Choir
Glassy Pad 2 IW
Magellan Ensemble
MoonstonePad MF
Nova Pad IW
NuSyncPad MF
Orchestra rWs
Rez Emu Pad IW
Sad Strings MxS
Slim BP Vox 1 IW
Slim Comb Pad IW
Smooth Res EDT
Soft Pad sT
SynthVex IW
Unison Cream H
Warm Poly6 Pad 2
WT Scan Pad 3 IW

Included skins


30 wavs for Resynthesis

50 new filters and waves for IMS

64 kb
I am your personal
Please insert


IW_ABS_Formants 14
IW_ABS_Formants 25
IW_ABS_Formants 43
IW_ABS_Formants 47
IW_Complex Formants 001
IW_Complex Formants 003
IW_Complex Formants 012
IW_Complex Formants 020
IW_Complex Formants 024
IW_Complex Formants 025
IW_Complex Formants 027
IW_Complex Formants 028
IW_Complex Formants 029

IW_Complex Formants 030
IW_Complex Formants 033
IW_Complex Formants 036
IW_Complex Formants 037
IW_Complex Formants 038
IW_Complex Formants 039
IW_Complex Formants 040
IW_Complex Formants 041
IW_Complex Formants 044
IW_Complex Formants 045
IW_Complex Formants 047
IW_Complex Formants 048
IW_Complex Formants 052

IW_Complex Formants 057
IW_EXP_Formants 06
IW_EXP_Formants 22
IW_EXP_Formants 34
IW_Fractal 001
IW_Fractal 002
IW_FRAC_Complex 008
IW_FRAC_Complex 009
IW_Inharmonic 11
IW_Sinoid Noise 29
IW_Sinoid Noise 42
IW_Sinoid Noise 45

IW_SQR_Formants 11
IW_SQR_Formants 16
IW_SQR_Formants 26
IW_SQR_Formants 27
IW_SQR_Formants 28
IW_Wavelet 02
IW_Wavelet 07
IW_Wavelet 08
IW_Wavelet 09
IW_Wavelet 10
IW_Wavetable 07

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