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FutureWorld Soundset

Create the sound of the future now! The FutureWorld soundset consists of 150 innovative sounds that takes full advantage of Gladiator's powerful HCM synthesis.

Inside you will find everything needed to spice up your tracks:
The set covers everything from evolving pads, expressive keys, inspiring arpeggiators, crisp organic basses, deep atmos, unique leads, rhythmic grooves to humanoid vocoder sounds.

Load this unique arsenal of futuristic sounds, and let your creativity run wild as it seamlessly fits into your mix.

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  • 150 superb presets created by professional designers
  • Comfortable installation
  • Seamless integration to the user interface
  • All sounds are properly programmed - they are 'not just samples'. This gives you the complete dynamic range, a lot more expression and the highest possible sound quality.
  • Focuses on unique features of Gladiator's HCM synthesis
  • Many patches can be 'morphed' with the modwheel.


Perfect for many genres, such as, Electronic, Complextro, Trance, IDM, Cinematic, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Experimental, Progressive, Dance, Pop, Ambient, HipHop and a wide variety of other music genres.

Professional sound design

Many sounds support modwheel, velocity or aftertouch. For instant usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. The high quality sounds have been created by professional sounddesigners.

Create the sound of the future now!


Atmos and Pads

PA AliensPad
PA Auweia
PA Basspadda
PA Darkest
PA FripllePad
PA FripplePad2
PA Fury Feast
PA Get Up
PA GrovedGate
PA LoveparadeGt
PA Massif Tragic
PA Mindless
PA ModernMood
PA Rise of
PA Shimmer
PA StackedGate
PA StackedGate2
PA Supersaws
PA SyncePad
PA Talk 2 Me
PA The O Pulse
PA Trancegate1000
PA TremoloAhhh
PA VocalsTrance
PA Wavescanner


AR 304rulez
AR AbstractVox
AR BacknForth
AR ChordTech
AR Da Deep
AR DroidTalk
AR DropdaBass
AR FormantGrve
AR FormantGrve2
AR Glittery
AR Hewson
AR MetaArps
AR MetallicEcho
AR Mikes Arp
AR NewDay
AR Paramoid
AR Run Alongs
AR Stylezz
AR Techarp
AR Timeline
AR Tubearp
AR UltraTrance
AR WavetablerX
AR WavetablerY

Signature Leads

LD Ana logz
LD Bounce Off
LD Feeling Good
LD FormantSweep
LD FourOctaves
LD HollowPlug
LD MogMog
LD Oiii
LD OlSchole
LD On Par
LD PitchedLead
LD Rawcore
LD ReztoRez
LD Roboto
LD Ruffhouse
LD SmoothMom
LD SpectraDirt
LD StrangeWorld
LD SwatSaw
LD Synthies
LD WauVox
LD X2Saw

Expressive Keys

KEY AlphaKeys
KEY Bellwaver
KEY Chelestrator
KEY Cold Additive
KEY DancePiana
KEY DancePiana2
KEY DXstyler
KEY Fidibus
KEY Fullforce
KEY GreaterLead
KEY GreaterLead2
KEY NasalKeys
KEY PimpedCZ
KEY PionoAndAhh
KEY Pizzicato90s
KEY PizzicatoGent
KEY PluggySilk
KEY Smoothkeys
KEY Spiker
KEY StackedKeys
KEY SuperSkeys
KEY SuperSkeys2
KEY WaversOrgan

Unique Bass

BA aytcha
BA ChordWobble
BA Clean Bass
BA Crackdown
BA Drkx
BA FakedAnalog
BA Moogesha
BA Organicdeep
BA RuffNeck
BA Scream
BA Smoothbass
BA Wawwrl
BA WhoDat
BA YayaYa
BA Zwaar
BA Fastbass
BA LPSuperfat
BA LPSuperfat2

Groovy Drums

DR AMkicks
DR Backwards
DR BrakeBeats
DR BreathBeats
DR Calculator
DR Covoder
DR DestroyK
DR Drobzz
DR Lliator
DR Noiz 2 Shape
DR On its Way
DR SupaDope
DR TechnoRider
DR TomnBerry
DR Vocorf

Human Vocoder

VO AlieFreakSpeak
VO BubbleBeat
VO Coder
VO Drumbeater
VO IamMu
VO LayerDrumline
VO LayerDrumline2
VO MouthBeat
VO VocoderGarbag
VO VocoderTrain

Impressive Effects

FX 70sSpaces
FX AMSineOff
FX FreakyBits
FX GoingDown
FX HighVoltage
FX MonstaNoiZ
FX NoiseQuarters
FX Spacedrop

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