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Tone2 Nemesis

The Electric Soundset

From epic chord progressions to intense build-ups, transitioning into a perfectly placed drop with a relentless bassline! Light-beams cut through the smoke on a pumping dance floor. Low instincts take control of us and we feel like animals. The scene is set for Electric - the EDM and Electro soundest for Nemesis.


This set is perfect for modern genres, such as Electro house, House, Deep House, Complextro, Dirty, Dubstep, Techno, Hardstyle, Trance and Progressive and many other genres.


  • 201 superb presets created by professional designers
  • Many production-ready sequenced presets
  • Most of the sounds rely heavily on Nemesis's neoFM capabilities which adds a gritty edge
  • The added transition effects,  leads and crisp plucks make this a well rounded soundset suited for many different genres
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration into the user interface
  • Only high-quality content. No 'gap filler' patches.
  • All sounds are properly programmed patches - they are no samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range, a lot more expression, the highest possible sound quality and saves a lot of harddisc space.
  • Many patches can be 'morphed' with the modwheel.
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Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds have been carefully normalized. The high quality set has been created by the professional sounddesigners Troes Nygaard and Nathan Fox.
The set contains 45 arpeggiator lines, 74 basses,  44 synhs & keys, 25 leads and 12 effect sounds.