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Tone2 Electra2


Get your kicks on with the new Drums! soundset for Electra. Drums takes Electra's' multi-layer concept even further by combining synthesis and sampling to create a comprehensive percussive library.
Rhythmatic heaven for those looking for mashed up kicks, cone thrashing subbass, phat snares, vibrant grooves, vocoded sequences and block rockin' beats, bringing percussion to the next level and providing you with loads of inspiration for your latest productions.

This 200 preset drum kit and groove library is packed with both synthesized and resynthesized material incorporating 50 MB of fresh new sample content, including human drums, electronic beats and a selection of processed drum hits and loops, due to its multi-layer and complex patch
setup the complete soundset features a total of 600+ sounds.

This set is compatible with ElectraX and Electra2.

Genres: Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Trance, Techno, Electronica, IDM, Ambient and a wide variety of other music genres.

Professional sound design

All drumlines and sequences automatically syncronize to BPM. All sounds are properly programmed, not only simple samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality. The sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners:

  • Massimo Bosco
  • Ed Ten Eyck
  • Marco Scherer
  • Reinhard Reschner
  • Jamie Docwra
  • Jay Levzi
  • Bastiaan van Noord
  • Markus Feil
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The Drums! soundset comes with a comfortable and easy-to-use installer for Mac and PC.

The additional content perfectly integrates to the user interface. The new sounds can be easily accessed by choosing 'Drum' in the category selector.  .

Tone2 ElectraY

55 block rockin' drumkits

Acoustic GM MxS
Aliazz BN
Casiopaya Kit MAS
Classic Boom MAS
Classic Tube MAS
Coover BN
Destrukted Kit MAS
DigiKit EDT
DirtyMind BN
Distruktor BN
Doctor Boss MAS
Drift GM MxS
Dynamic Kit MAS
Elec Play Kit JD
Electro Acid MAS
Electro Nation MAS
Fat Kit MxS
Fixed Kit JD
Freestyler MAS
Fuzzkit EDT
Gabba JD
Geeve Kit EDT
Grenz EDT
Gum Kit EDT
Hardcore JL
Hardcore2 JL
Hardcore3 JL
Hip Hop GM MxS
HumanBB BN
HumanHybrid BN
Lowdown kit EDT
Lowrider MAS
MayLinn BN
Modular Kit MAS
Nova Kit MAS
Offkey JD
Oh9 BN
Oskit EDT
Plastic Kit II MAS
Plastic Kit MAS
Ramona MAS
RM Bleep Kit JD
Rollers JD
Slam GM MxS
Susp Kit JD
Synthens BN
Teedown BN
To The Bone MAS
Totally Retro Kit MAS
Trancekit BN
Urban GM MxS
Vinyl Kit MAS
Voice GM MxS
Wave Kit EDT
Waxx kit BN

15 vocoder drumlines

Anonymus RR
Anthead EDT
Fubwum EDT
Gallop EDT
Grenzbeat EDT
Ground BN
Izzro EDT
Lowdown EDT
Opossum EDT
Oskit Beat EDT
Slow Swing EDT
Voco Four EDT
VocoderDrums2 MF
VocoderDrums4 MF
Wavebeat EDT

133 drumlines and sequences

Congaloop RR
Daddy Cool RR
Dark Alley BN
Break MAS
Disturbance MxS
Down Low MAS
Drumline3 MF
Ethnica MxS
Fastomatic MxS
Full Groove MAS
Groove Solutions V MAS
Groovehead MAS
Headz Roll JD
Ipotesi MxS
Midnite Oil BN
Multiple MAS
Multitude BN
Noise Poison MAS
Offline MAS
Old School MxS
One Man Show MAS
Phase 1 JD
Poing MAS
Rhythm BN
Rim Shots MxS
SafeRoom BN
Silent Purgatory BN
Sim MxS
Spanish Fly RR
Timbaleloop RR
Tribal Party MxS
Waiting MAS
Woody RR
Beachball MAS
Beatbox MAS
Breakdown MAS
Crazy Simmons RR
Cristallo BN
Electro Beats SJA
Ethnoloop RR
Linebreaker BN
Mudbreak BN
Night Sky BN
Noiseloop RR
Raga MxS
Ravens MxS
Rew MxS
Sarcophase MxS
Seq1990 MF
Shake It Baby MAS
Sick Bass MAS
Softcell MAS
Stargate RR
Stomp BN
Straight Groove MAS
Thema MxS
Timesquare MAS
Trancemachine MAS
Tribes BN
Underground RR
Work Cycle MAS
Ziptronic MxS
Zulu MxS

133 drumlines and sequences

aZlectroX BN
Bad Bwoy MAS
Beat For The System MAS
Billy Rock MxS
Break me RR
Cam Radio EDT
Comm-link BN
Cuckoo Rhythm BN
Deep In The Night MAS
DumDiDrum MAS
Electrons BN
Fast Electro MAS
Groove Me Baby MAS
Haus RR
Hip Hop RR
In My House RR
Instant Seq MAS
Into The Core MAS
Kill My Nerves RR
Kraftworkx BN
Laxation MAS
Liquida MxS
Lupus RR
Miami Bass BN
One Shot JD
Rave Me Baby MAS
Razzer MxS
Rims MxS
Rixpax BN
Robots MxS
Samba MxS
Scratchme MxS
Seven BN
ShamanDrums MF
Shortcode BN
Sick Sid MAS
Slightly Gabba JD
SlowClub SJA
Soulmate RR
Sub Low JD
Supervisor MAS
Synthetic MAS
Techno Kit MAS
Technology MAS
The Take JD
TippingCows SJA
TransportOne BN
Ulya MxS
Vintage Electro MAS
xLost BN
4you RR
Accord MxS
Acid Beat MAS
Aerobics JD
Alisons Groove BN
Bad Karma MAS
Base MxS
Bass Quest BN
Beans MxS
Beat The Noise MAS
Blast RR
Bongoloop RR
Chainsaw MAS
Cheap Beatmachine MAS
Chord User MAS
Clipper MxS