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The Dance & Trance Expansion

Dance & Trance adds a large number of exciting new features and a collection of 324 ingeniously programmed sounds by  professional sound designers. It is suitable for a wide range of genres including Dance, Trance, House, Electronica, Ambient, Disco, Synthpop, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Industrial, IDM and Techno. 
It's a must have if you're looking for new sounds, or want to expand Gladiator with more features.

Expansion highlights:

  • 324 inspiring, unique presets aimed at miscellaneous genres of electronic music by 8 professional sound designers
  • 8 additional high-end filter types
  • 2 additional analog modeled distortion types
  • A innovative new waveshaper
  • Trancegate
  • 7 additional effects
  • All sounds are properly programmed, not only simple samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.


LP Dirty1 / LP Dirty2: Two analog modeled filters, with an MS20-like resonance and non-linearities.

LP Voca1/ LP Voca2: Two non-linear filters with resonance which sounds similar to the human voice.

BP Moog: An analog modeled Moog bandpass with soft resonance.

EQ Wide: Soft sounding equalizer which attenuates a broad spectrum.

Allpass: A mystic filter that passes all frequencies but alters the phase of the signal.

Comb-: A comb filter which is useful for flanging or physical modeling sounds.


Asymetric: This distortion simultes non-linearities of old gear. It sounds similar to certain famous products from competing companies...

Soft: This distortion sounds like an old analogue tube with soft saturation.

Synthesis modules

Waveshape2: This innovative dynamic processor is a new step of evolution in waveshaping synthesis. It offers an unique and clean sound and adds some kind of vocaloid character.


The impressive and easy to use stereo Trancegate effect adds 22 different rhythmic patterns to your sounds with a single mouse click. It automatically syncs with your song.

Reverb Ultra: Is a new high-quality reverb algorithm, which sounds very soft and diffuse. It especially suitable for larger rooms and sculpting the proper ambience.

3 Reflection types: The three different reflection types simulte the early reflections of small rooms, reverse echoes and gated reverbs.

Aliaser: This LoFi retro-effect that works by mirroring the signal's spectrum at the cutoff frequency. It drastically alters the sound or adds the mojo of old computer games from the 90s.

Stereo Enhance: Is a stereo width effect, which expands the stereo field, while keeping the bass intact.


The 324 sounds for this expansion are a best-of-selection from more than 1000 sounds which were created by 8(!) professional sound designers: Markus Feil, Bastiaan van Noord, Bryan 'Xenos' Lee, Alusio de Lima, Dajan Izzo, Massimo Bosco, Marco Scherer and Patchen Preston.

Only unique and musically useful sounds were selected and carefully sorted to categories.

324 additional sounds can be accessed directly from the interface (DanceTrance 1-3).

8 additional high-end filter types expand the sonic range of Gladiator. The new innovative filtering technology provides an unheard and very characteristic sound. The filters are exclusive to Gladiator and not available from other companies.  

The 'Asymetric' distortion sounds similar to certain famous products from competing companies...
The 'Soft' distortion is a model of an analogue tube with soft saturation.
The innovative 'Waveshape2' dynamic processor is a new step of evolution in waveshaping. It offers an unique and clean sound.


AR 303 Trance AL
AR 90sTeknology BN
AR Acid Line XS
AR Acid Salt XS
AR Acid1 MW MaxS
AR Acid2 MW MaxS
AR Alte Schule MSC
AR Anonymous MSC
AR Basslined BN
AR Bounce MW MaxS
AR CantGetMe MSC
AR Classic Trance MF
AR Classic Trance2 MF
AR Combgroove MF
AR ComputerHouseAL
AR Cosmonauto DI
AR Dancefloor MF
AR Dancefloor1 MF
AR Dancefloor2 MF
AR DanceLed AL
AR DanceNow MF
AR DanceSynth AL
AR Deep Blue XS
AR Distosine BN
AR Duplicates BN
AR Fear 303 AL
AR Full Throttle MSC
AR GoaBassline XS
AR GrooveTrance MF
AR GrooveTrance2 MF
AR GroveOMatic MF
AR Hardfloor MF
AR Hardfloor2 MF
AR HCM Synthesis2 MF
AR Inthe House 4 AL
AR InTheClub MSC
AR Just Forward MSC
AR MarchX MF
AR MasterboyIntro 2 AL
AR Mental XS
AR MightyBass MF
AR Mover MSC
AR My 303 cant do that
AR NextGen MF
AR Nu Elektro XS
AR OneKeyTrip XS
AR OneSaw BN
AR Popbasics BN
AR Prisma DI
AR Progbass BN
AR Remember That
AR Rubbadub BN
AR Sandmann MaxS
AR SilverTongue XS
AR Slamjam Guitar
AR SplitPass BN
AR Squaruler MF
AR Sweet One MSC
AR SyncTec MF
AR TalktoMe BN
AR Teebee MW MaxS
AR ThaHunted BN
AR TracidPad MF
AR Trance PAD2 MF
AR Trance PAD3 MF
AR Trance PAD4 MF
AR Trance Vang 2 AL
AR Trancechords BN
AR TranceHammer MF
AR WakeupCall BN
AR WaveBlocker BN
AR WaveRunning BN
AR We came in
AR Zion DI


BA 3rd Square MF
BA 5up MF
BA 7th MF
BA Analogmoog MF
BA Andromeda 1 DI
BA Andromeda 2 DI
BA Asymetric MF
BA BassStabz BN
BA Decimated XS
BA diRtYwObbl PP
BA DubSubz BN
BA Elktro 5th PP
BA ElktroPump PP
BA Fade Away MSC
BA Fatfilter MF
BA FatZapp MF
BA Flatbass BN
BA Formantor MF
BA HardcoreX MF
BA HCMdubstep XS
BA HeavySaw MF
BA HouseSidechain XS
BA LaserNinja XS
BA Lectros DI
BA MelloSwello BN
BA Mightybass MF
BA Mooohg BN
BA Prodigy MF
BA Progresivbass BN
BA Raww BN
BA SawSub MF
BA SquarePunch MF
BA SquareSub MF
BA SubSub MF
BA Timperbass MF
BA Turrican MSC
BA Wacky MF
BA Warm Ana XS


AT EvilEngines MF

Drumlines, Drums, Vocoder

DR Boomchakka BN
DR Clap5 MF
DR ClapSnare MF
DR Combed Drumline
DR CrazyTopsLoop XS
DR Cutted Drumline MF
DR Explode MF
DR HeavyEchoBase MF
DR HeavyEchoBase2 MF
DR HiveRhythms BN
DR HollowEchoBase MF
DR Native Drumline MF
DR Noiseblast MF
DR NoiseDrumlineX MF
DR Rezopia BN
DR Robosaurus BN
DR SawEchoBase MF
DR SimTsaw BN
DR SoundWave BN
DR Synthpops BN
DR Tdelays BN
DR Timpani MF
DR VocoderDrumline1
DR VocoderDrumline2


FX Aliascraz BN
FX AmbientMinimalst XS
FX BandNoise
FX BubbleRiser BN
FX Centipede BN
FX Freaking MF
FX Going AL
FX Jetstream BN
FX Jumppoint BN
FX Keen MF
FX Laserwhales MF
FX Lazer Trekkie MF
FX Lazerwobble MF
FX Mach6 MF
FX MillersJungle BN
FX Noisefall BN
FX NoiseFall2 MF
FX Noiseperc MF
FX Pulsegun BN
FX SawrkLift BN
FX Scratch DJ MF
FX Simplezap BN
FX Steamshep BM
FX Timebomba BN
FX Warp5 MF


GT Fantasy MSC

Piano and keys

KEY AnalogFat MF
KEY FatOrganic MF
KEY FatTony MF
KEY Piastack MF
KEY StackNStick MF
PI House Piano XS


LD 70s Analog XS
LD 90sRule MF
LD Analog Stack2 MF
LD AnalogVintage MF
LD AthenTrance AL
LD Attitude XS
LD Baoum MF
LD Bittersweet XS
LD BlueNotes XS
LD Casiopeia MF
LD DanceSynth 2 AL
LD Detuned Stacks MF
LD Fuzztone XS
LD FuzzXenosMod MF
LD Gansta Whine XS
LD Hardcorevibes MF
LD Jackson MF
LD Kaley BN
LD Kixsaw BN
LD Maxx 2 AL
LD ModernFunk XS
LD Mr.Vain MF
LD My Voxx AL
LD NewEnsemble MF
LD OrganDance AL
LD Organic AL
LD PDlead BN
LD PercLead 2 AL
LD PhatAttack XS
LD Pizzed AL
LD Plastic AL
LD PSR 420 Lead AL
LD Rave for AL
LD Ripper BN
LD RockAndRave XS
LD RoughEdges XS
LD SawPulse BN
LD Scooter2X MF
LD SingSquare AL
LD SugarTrance MF
LD SuperStyla BN
LD Synth Organ AL
LD TechPulse XS
LD Thunderlead MF
LD Toadstool XS
LD VintageBeaum MF
LD Voices Athen AL


TG FutureMetal MF
TG Grooved Arp MF
TG Hackarp MF
TG Hacked MF
TG SexOnTheBeach MF
TG StackNHack MF
TG StepsAhead MF
TG Tranced Arp 2 MF
TG Tranced Arp MF


NA AnalogOrgan MF
NA OrchestraHit3 MF
NA Orchestrahit MF


OR DoomedHammy MF
OR Superfuzz2 MF


PA AnalogOrgan2 MF
PA AnalogSquare MF
PA AnalogVintage MF
PA AnalogWarmSQ MF
PA Army of Pad 3 AL
PA Army of Pad AL
PA Banane MF
PA Classic Pad AL
PA DanceProject AL
PA Dancing303 AL
PA Fat as Hell 2 MF
PA FatSquare MF
PA fbTextures BN
PA For Beast AL
PA IsFullPad AL
PA Orchestra MF
PA Phantasm XS
PA Plastic 2 AL
PA Plastic 4 AL
PA PortaSwell XS
PA RealSpacePad 2 AL
PA Rolll BN
PA Squared as Hell MF
PA StackedHCM2 MF
PA StackedSquares MF
PA Strings MF
PA StringsSynth MF
PA SynthOrchestra MF
PA SynthOrchestra3 MF
PA Trance Bright MF
PA Trance Clean MF
PA Trance Clean2 MF
PA Trance Moog MF
PA Trance Pad XS
PA Trance Phase MF
PA Trance Voices MF
PA Trance Voices2 MF
PA Tranquility AL
PA TransPad AL
PA Vocalgates BN
PA Voices Athen2 AL
PA VoxAngelica XS
PA WarmSquare MF
PA Wavescape MF

Synth sounds

SY 100Waves MF
SY 150Waves MF
SY 2Unlimited MF
SY Analogon MF
SY Analogscream MF
SY Birds calling MSC
SY Bricksaw BN
SY Conversation MF
SY Conversation2 MF
SY Electronztab BN
SY Fakedist MF
SY FatBitch2 MF
SY FutureMetal MF
SY Hot Chili BN
SY House Chord MF
SY HouseChords XS
SY I saw it MSC
SY Intrologic MSC
SY Kaese MF
SY Lost Control MSC
SY Newdist MF
SY NoLamerX MF
SY NuMetal2020 MF
SY Obazda MF
SY Oldschool Tekkno
SY Oldschoolstab BN
SY PhatChords XS
SY Prodigator MF
SY Proggx BN
SY Schinken MF
SY Sidfried MSC
SY TekknoMetal MF
SY The Last MSC
SY Thunderdome MF
SY Thunderdome2 MF
SY TranceStab BN
SY Vstab BN
SY WaveshapeX MF
SY WireChord XS
SY Wormhole MF


VO Beat MF
VO Control MF
VO Sick Maximum MF
VO VelocityE MF

7 additional effects expand the sonic range of Gladiator. The impressive and easy to use stereo Trancegate effect adds 22 different rhythmic patterns to your sounds with a single mouse click.

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