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The Dance & Trance Soundset

The Dance & Trance soundset offers a hand-picked selection of over 400 meticulously programmed sounds for Electra, designed by a team of professional sounddesigners.
With its anthemic leads and gates, massive basses, pulsating arps, multi-layered sequences and lush warm pads Dance & Trance is the perfect sound library for your Electronic productions.
The Dance & Trance soundset is suitable for Dance, Trance, Electronic, House, IDM, Techno, Hardcore, Electro and a wide variety of other music genres.

This set is compatible with ElectraX and Electra2.

Professional sound design

The soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. All sounds are properly programmed, not only simple samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. Most sounds can be morphed with the modwheel. A large number of complex arrangements use multiple layers and key splitting - that's why the soundset contains not only 260 patches, but over 400 different sounds. The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners:

  • Marco Scherer
  • Rob Fabrie
  • Ed Ten Eyck
  • Massimo Bosco
  • Jamie Docwra
  • Grzegorz Bartoszek
  • George Zondagh
  • Reinhard Reschner
  • Bryan 'Xenos' Lee
  • Stephen Krajewski
  • Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2)
  • Markus Feil (Tone2)

The soundset comes with a comfortable and easy-to-use installer for Mac and PC.

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The additional content perfectly integrates to the user interface. The new sounds can be easily accessed by choosing from 'Dance' in the category selector.

Extatic Arpeggiators:

3 Ooh 3 RR
Anthem GB
ArcadeArp MF
Autopan Arp RF
Autopsy MxS
BassWidth BN
Beauty MF
Big Room GB
Big Seq GB
Dead Cat GB
Definite MAS
Dreamarp MxS
Electric Arp GB
Electronic Warfare
FallingArp MF
Fast GB
Fluffy MAS
Full On MF
Gillian BN
Goa Arp GB
Godess BN
Inbred EDT
Jerome I GB
Love Juice MAS
Mad Synth RR
Massif MF
Mid Aggro GB
NuRave MF
Paradise Lost BN
Peacefull MF
Phased GB
Reckless GZ
RisinArp MF
Sharpness MAS
SinoidArp MF
Slow Wanderer MAS
SlowSinArp MF
SparkLight BN
SquareArp MF
Sustain Me MAS
Tangled EDT
Tech Line GB
TekknoBass MF
Testo MxS
That Chord GB
TLine RR
Trancypad RR
Tripolis MF
Ugly RR
UhhArp MF
UhuhuJeahah MF
Ultra Violet MxS
Undercover BN
Usable MAS
Very Active II MAS
Vision Wood MAS
Walking Bassline
Wave Breaker MAS
Wavetable Acid MAS
WavinArp MF
Whistle GB
Widener MAS
Wonderful RR

Sexy Vocals

Are you ready
Come on RR
Get down RR
Let yourself go RR
Move your body RR
Oh Yeah RR
Party Time RR
Voc Coll 2 RR
Voc Coll Male RR
Voc Coll RR
Vocal Training JD
Voices MxS

Tranqulizing Pads

Alpha 2 90's gabber
Andraya BN
BIGpoly SK
Dark Angel MxS
Dark growler RF
Desolation MAS
Future Memory JD
Golden Scans JD
Great beyond GZ
Green Dusk MxS
Hiroad GZ
Hostility JD
House GZ
Loreley MxS
Plinket GZ
Prayer MxS
ReferenzPad MF
Respiro MxS
Ripple GZ
Siloo GZ
Sladden EDT
South Pole MxS
Stadium Strings RF
Static Tune JD
Strangely Beautiful
Strings of Tranquil
T-Strings MxS
TranceBubble MF
Varkyria MF

Rhythmic Trancegates

Alarma MxS
AlliGator RR
Anima MxS
Beatstyler RR
Corale MxS
EpicTrancegate MF
Esperia MxS
FilteredGate MF
Heaven MxS
Lifter Chop GZ
LowReso GB
Myst Pad MxS
Russian Gate RR
Siberia MxS
Simplon BN
Star Rider MxS
Subtle Acid GB
Trancegated MF
Trancegated2 MF
TrancegateLfo MF
Tranceliner RR

Massive Basses

aTech BN
Attack Sync Destroy
Corez BN
Darkbass MF
Dub Sync JD
DubStepper MF
Essential Electro
Fallspring BN
Glossy Shine XS
Gridlocked JD
Housebass MF
Industrial BN
Krampux BN
Mean Bass EDT
ModernBass MF
Monobass MF
Mr Bass RR
PunchDeluxe GZ
StepUp BN
Sucker Punch JD
Tekno XS
Tube Force MAS
Tube Fube MAS
Wasp Mash Synth JD

Impressive Effects

Bit Bomb MAS
Crystal Caves JD
Dentro MxS
EnVip JD
Exploder MF
Flying over area51
FX Bomb RF
Jurassic MxS
Nail Bomb JD
Night of the creeps
NoiseFalls MF
Radio MxS
Space Siren MxS
SpaceInvader MF
Stab FX RF
Thunderdome MF
Vib Rise JD
WishingWell SK

Multitimbral Sequences

aChiptune MxS
AMG Scene MxS
BlockRocker MF
Ctrl JD
DanceAttack MF
Dopomatic MxS
DubNBase MF
Firebird MF
Groove Along MAS
HallBrassSeq MF
Kraftsquare MF
LFO Speeder RF
Listerine JD
Mad LFO Destructor
Minimalistic MAS
Move On MxS
Nord Nacht MxS
Oceans Above BN
Ogre Artery EDT
Otherworld MAS
Protected BN
Rocker MF
Season 3 EDT
Squeezer MxS
Step House MAS
T-Journey MxS
Tech This Out MAS
TekknoSeq MF
Tiburon MxS
Trancemaker MF
Work Cycle MAS
WowWowWow MF

Ready-to-produce Synths&Leads

Aggressor MAS
Alienator-X RF
AtzenGlide MF
Base Key JD
BounceBack MF
Brap it down SK
Buzzzlead BN
Charlie MF
Classic Hardcore
ClubOrgan MF
DanceGlider MF
DanceSaws MF
Dirty Dance RF
El Xpresso GZ
Electroish JD
Enlite BN
Envac GZ
FractalTone MF
Gabber 90s lead RF
Got Something MAS
HallBrassSolo MF
Headbanger Andy RF
Headbanger Screamer
Headbanger Ultra
Hidden Whistle MAS
HooferElect MF
HooferX MF
Horns 2011 JD
Hour of Chaos BN
JCarpenter 1970's
LegatoSynthVox MF
Mega MAS
Mike Dyson Hoover
NiceNoisyKeys MF
OneTwo BN
Percussix MF
Progressiva BN
PunchyKeys MF
Search for BN
Serious Problem MAS
Small Speakers XS
SoftProg BN
SpaceClarinet SK
Supalead BN
Synclead MxS
Thermx BN
Timba EDT
Touch Of Peace MAS
Tranceptor MF
TrancyBleps MF
TrancyPunch MF
VocaLead MF
WarmSuperKeys MF
WhatThe MF
Wide sawz RF

Tone2 Electra2