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The ComplexDroids soundset contains 200 massive and wide sounds focusing on slamming basslines and hookleads. Inside you will find a large selection of club-ready sounds, bass-like robotic voices and heavy mechanical movement.

Get ready for a dimension of droids, deep crisp saw bass and classic club sounds, with the potential to make any dance floor go crazy. All patches are carefully tweaked for instant inspiration, ease of work and very likely hook elements in your track.

ComplexDroids takes advantage of the powerful sequencing possibilities that Electra offers. Many sounds use several layers and combine up to 4 arpeggiators.
By turning off single layers you can access individual sounds, since many patches consist of up to 4 layers,  potentially, you got a lot more sounds in there.

This set is compatible with ElectraX and Electra2.


Complexdroids is a must have for Complextro, Dirty Electro, modern Dubstep and of course many other dance oriented genres.

Listen to the demo and hear the sounds in action!

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Tone2 ElectraX

200 new Patches:

Inspiring Arpeggiators

7th bass sequence
7th bass sequence2
7th club line 2
7th club line
Attack of the droids
Bass stabs
Bringer of electrowabs
Click bass
Combo gnar
Complextro dirt
Crisp line 2
Crisp line
Deep minor stabs 2
Deep minor stabs
Deep wob stabs
Dirty banger
Dirty pitch lead 1
Dirty pitch lead 2
Dirty pitch lead 3
Dirty tunes
Dist bass seq
Dist chords
Dist lead 1
Dist lead 2
Dist line
Dont play too low
Droids wob
Electro bass
Electro chorus v1
Electro chorus v2
Electropitch line
Error sequence
Feel good bass
Filthy electro
Filthy lead 1
Filthy lead 2
Filthy lead 3

Floorfilling Arps

Fresh robots
Glide and gate
Glide sequence
Heavy printer eh
House plucks
Lazer bass
Mad wobbels
Major club line at A3
Meet the electrobots
Minor sequence 2
Minor sequence
Minor stabz seq
Mod for bass
Mod to gate
More sawtooth please
More wobble shat
My friend FM
Noisy square
OneSongsync MF
Pitchy saw
Plucky sequence
Pumping rollz
Robot party
Saw n machines
Sidechain dis
Spring lead
Stab them minz
Stabbin min chords
Techno maybe
Tune w FM2
Vocal dist lead 2
Vocal dist lead
Wabz 2
Wavetable from toy
Wobs and stabs

Earthshaking Bass

7th bass stab 1
7th bass stab 2
AnalogSawBass1 MF
AnalogStyleBass1 MF
Bass stab 1
Bass stab 2
Basszilla MF
Complextro saw 1
Complextro saw 2
Crisp wavetable 1
Crisp wavetable 2
Crisp wavetable 3
Crisp wavetable 4
Crisp wavetable 5
Crisp wavetable 6
Crisp wavetable 7
Crisp wavetable 8
DaClubBass7 MF
FluttaSawBass MF
ForTroelsBass MF
LeadBasea MF
Metal stab
Minor stab
SideChainRevBass MF
SideChainRevBass2 MF
SideChainRevBass3 MF
SideChainRevBass4 MF
SyncoChainRevBass MF
Wobble 1
Wobble 2
Wobble 3
Wobble 4
Wobble 5

Robotic Droids

Basic robo 1
Basic robo 2
Basic robo 3
Basic robo 4
Could be sweet talk
Deep vocal like
Die robot
Droid lol
Electro robo
Friendly robot
Jungle droid
Mecano puke mod
Melody jau
My little friend
Nasty droid
Pissed robot
Pitch robot 2
Pitch robot
Robo pluck
Robo stab 2
Robo stab
Scream bot
Simple droid
Vocal monster 1
Vocal monster 2
Vocaliza MF
Walker mech 2
Walker mech

Modern Synths

Basic robo gate
Chord pitch release
DaStackMan MF
DaStackMan2 MF
DaTroelsLead MF
Detu saws
DetunedSawLeg MF
DisharmFMlead MF
Disto vocal
DistortMetal MF
Down pitched saws
FakeCompLead MF
FakeRevKeys MF
FakeRevLead MF
FlactalFiltLead MF
FlutterLead MF
FMleadaX MF
Gatebot 2
Ideal pitch saw
MalariaLead MF
NuClubLead MF
Organ pitch release
PumbingSaw MF
Sawtooth gate
SyncopiaChain MF
TroelsHoofer MF
U like my yoyo

Rhythmic FX & Drums

AcustSnare1 MF
BigSnare MF
BitNoisa MF
D3 for blck mesa
Echo1KickBase MF
EchoKick120BPM MF
EchoKick130BPM MF
EchoKick140BPM MF
EchoKick160BPM MF
ExplodingTroels MF
Mechanic lift
Offbeat pitch 2
Offbeat pitch 3
Offbeat pitch
OneClap MF
Riser 1
Riser 2
Riser 3
Riser 4
Riser 5
Riser 6
Riser 7
Riser 8
Riser short 1
Riser short 2
Riser short 3 v1
Riser short 3 v2



Sound design:
Troels Nygaard
Markus Krause (MF)

Troels Nygaard

Tone2 Electra2 Synthesizer