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Tone2 Nemesis

The Classic FM Soundset

Taking you back to a decade of incredible dance and party music when cassette tapes and power chords ruled the world.
Classic FM features 200 inspiring presets with the unique tones and character of the famous FM hardware, like the DX7, that defined the 80s. A delight for those looking to add that classic FM vibe.
Characteristic synths, emotional electric pianos, DX-style vintage bass, cutting leads, unique pads, retro-ish bells and expressive keys & organs.

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  • 200 superb presets
  • Can replace expensive vintage FM hardware
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration into the user interface
  • Created by professional sound designers
  • All sounds are properly programmed and do not contain samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.


Perfect for many genres, such as Electronica, Dance, Pop, HipHop, 80s, 90s, IDM, Rock, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Trance, House, Game, Chip, Jungle, Ambient, New Age and a wide variety of other music genres.

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds have been carefully normalized.

The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by experts:
Markus Krause, Mac of BIOnighT, Eppo Schaap, Ed Ten Eyck, Ingo Weidner, Massimo Bosco, Bastiaan van Noord.

Tone2 Nemesis FM Synthesizer


Synths & Leads

AnalogFM Keys1
AnalogMono 2
AnalogMono MF
Banjo MF
Basking Mac
BowedFM BN
Calypso MF
Diana BN
Disto Lead 2 IW
FeedKeys MF
FeedLead MF
FlutishLead MF
FM Doom MF
FM Dragon MF
FM Wobble MF
Giving Feedback
HipHop Worm
Hollow tines ES
Keyboard 1 MF
Keyboard 2 MF
Keyboard 3 MF
Keyboard 4 MF
Keyboard 5 MF
Looking Glass
Oboe-ish IW
PluggyEcho MF
ResoFifth MF
Reverb Sine MF
SharpLead MF
Sine MF
Solo Violin BN
SynLead1 MxS
SynRiff MxS
Synth 1 MF
Tekkkno MF
Theremin 1 MF
Trace Key EDT
Vegas EDT

Unique Pads

A Space Pad
Additive Pad 1
Additive Pad 2
Agitato Violin
AmbiGear Mac
Andromeda MxS
Angeli Domini
ApolloNight Mac
AstralBody Mac
AtmoAge MF
Digiglass ES
Enemble Pad
Even Mod Pad 1
Galaxies MxS
HowsItWork Mac
Hyperion MxS
LikeGems Mac
MutantEarth Mac
NamelyYou Mac
Odd Mod Pad 1
Pad 1 MF
Pad 2 MF
Pad 3 MF
RoadBlock Mac
Shine MxS
Spooky Ghosts
Strings1 MxS
ThereFM Mac
Vocalica Part II
WarmPad MF
WarmPlace Mac

Expressive Keys

AnalogFM Keys2
AnalogFM Keys3
Cheap EP MxS
Clavileak BN
Clean Key BN
Dream EP MxS
E-piano ES
E. Grand IW
E. Piano 8 IW
Expressive 2 MF
Expressive MF
Fantasy MxS
FeedKeys 2 MF
Full Tines ES
Funky Town MxS
GS1 piano ES
Myrimba MxS
NewAge MF
Piano 1 MF
Piano 2 MF
PluggyKeys 2 MF
PluggyKeys 3 MF
PluggyKeys MF
PlugKeys MF
ResoKeys MF
Soft Keys MF
Space keys ES
Sweet EP MxS
Ultra tinMW ES
Warm Keys MF

DX-style Bass

57 Bass MF
BassX MF
Bell Bass MF
Beware of the
Contrabass MF
DGritty Bass MF
FB01 bass ES
Feed Me EDT
Fred Less ES
Funk01 ES
GentlePlug MF
GompBass MF
Grunge Bass ES
HollowBass MF
Internal Bass
Klonk Bass IW
Morph bass ES
Pomp Bass MF
Quasimodo MF
ResoBass MF
StylerBass 2 MF
StylerBass MF
Sweep bass ES
Venom Bass MF
Woodbass MF

Vintage Bells

Additive FM Bell
Bell Church MF
Bell Mix 2 MF
Bell Mix 3 MF
Bell Mix MF
Bellic Pluck IW
BellPad 01 Mac
BellPad MF
Bells 1 MF
BellsReverb MF
Cliche 1 MF
ExoticNights Mac
Finwe BN
MetallicMan Mac
TubularBells MF
USA for A ES

Old Organs

Backdraws ES
ChurchOrgan MF
CombOrgan Mac
Draws C3 ES
Farfeesah ES
FM Organ MF
Jimmy ES
OrganX 2 MF
OrganX MF
Party pooper ES
ReverbOrgan MF
Rotor MxS

Classic Brass

Chiff2 ES
Concert Bassoon
Double tuba ES
Flute MF
Flutish Fantasy
Flutish Fantasy 2
Fluty Plug MF
Forest Flute MxS
Harmonica 1 MF
Recorder MxS
SynBrass1 MxS
Trombone ES
Tuba and Bone

Exciting FX

AlienPlanet MF
AnalogFX Caos
AnalogFX Caos2
Disharmonic MF
Hollowdown MF
Laser 1 MF
Laser 2 MF
Laser 3 MF
Qtip EDT
Resodown MF
Whistle MF

Inspiring Arps

Arp OranicX MF
Arp Turbo MF
Arpy Plug 2 MF
Arpy Plug MF
Artful dodge BN
Crushloop BN
Effem BN
Funk03 ES
Old Atari Music
Old Atari Music 2
Stepper ES
Woody metal ES

Tone2 Nemesis FM Synthesizer