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Tone2 Nemesis

The ChartBreaker Soundset

Taking you on a unique journey into uncharted sonic territory, the ChartBreaker set is filled with intricate sound impressions that will help you set the mood perfectly for your next club banger.
A blend of 200 rich sounds brought together to infuse your track with cone trashing basses, mashed-up synths, vivid leads, evocative vocals, hypnotic arpeggios and swooping effects.

All to bring you the best in raw club sounds and the ideal companion for storming the charts.

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  • 200 modern club sounds
  • Unique sound by using the innovative neoFM synthesis
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration into the user interface
  • Created by professional sound designers
  • All sounds are properly programmed and do not contain samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.


This soundset is suitable for a wide range of styles:
Dubstep, Dance, Pop, Drum and Bass, Complextro, Trance, Dirty Dutch, IDM, Progressive, Techno, Electronic, House, HipHop and a wide variety of other music genres.

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners: Troels Nygaard, Ed Ten Eyck, Massimo Bosco, George Zondagh, Akira Complex, Rob Mitchell, Mac of BIOnighT, Martin Wilkinson, Xavier Pfaff, Zach Archer, Reinhard Reschner, Torben Hansen, Mikko Nielikainen, Rob Fabrie, Colin Cameron Allrich, Johan Landquist, Satya Choudhury, Lukas Jankowski, Carl Lofgren, SupremeJA, Carl Butler, Ghostwave, Bastiaan van Noord, Markus Krause.

Tone2 Nemesis


Inspiring Arps

Acid 7 MN
Alone stab STS
ArpSide RM
Arpy sT
BusyBody RM
Chord Perc EDT
Chord Switch
Conveyor EDT
Crisp formant
Da Match BN
Delayed Start
DirtyFly BJN
dmoothness BN
Feedback PH
Filthy line STS
FM plucks v2
FM-Berliner2 XPF
Four Sticks MxS
Gate chord STS
Katamari MF
Light bells STS
Light plucks STS
Machined RM
Meganomic TTS
Minor Threat
Neo arp STS
Offbeat MF
OsciSawP Ucl
Overtones MF
Partials seq STS

Deep Pads

AnalogPad SJA
Bright Day sT
Calm TTS
Espers Mac
Full Circle MxS
Heaven TTS
Highpassed MF
Lightray RM
LoCpuPad MF
Membranes EDT
Mildew GZ
Nemepad RM
Nemesis saucer
PhaserPad3 MF
Phaze Haze EDT
ProdigyPad MF
SilkPad SJA
Simple Sweep
Starry Night MxS
Stepped PH
Thurmore GZ
TranceAtmo1 MW
TranceAtmo3 MW
TranceAtmo5 MW
TranceAtmo8 MW
TrancePad4 MW
VintagePad MF

Booming Bass

AngryBass 3 MN
Damage BJN
DirtyPluck Ucl
EDM Crush2 RF
Eyhoh GZ
FallingPWM JLA
Fuzzy2 JLA
Industry source 3
KnockOut TH
Low n mod STS
Low-End Haze
MagicBass MF
Mec impac STS
Metal Worx MN
Neo pluck STS
Neobass STS
Philta PH
ProgrezzX BN
QuaJungle MF
QuattroBass MF
Stab7th5 STS
Subwha GZ
Sync pike STS
Uhm2nd BN
x0x SAW 2 MN

Cutting Leads

Breath LD RR
Bright Echoes ZA
Colour RR
Cuts Thru RM
Dr Detune PH
EffemPump PH
Euphoric AC
Evil Twin MN
Fantastico RR
Formantix 2 MN
Freqm STS
Fres STS
Glidesine STS
In The Lead RM
Life Breath GW
PlOsciSaw Ucl
Pluck me BC
Pop pluck STS
Pulsedrive TTS
RetroLead SJA
Seide RR
Sharp layer TTS
Softy GZ
TranceLead6 MW
Voc pluck STS

Rhythmic Gates

Airy Pad MN
Amp Gate EDT
Chord Two EDT
Dresda MxS
Fast Sequence
Float RR
Force BJN
Gator MxS
Link GZ
Moist Gate EDT
Psygate 1 MN
Psygate 2 MN
Rider TTS
Space Loco MN
SwingedGate MF
SwordGate MF
Trance Druid MN
Wings RR

Unique Synths

Ambient Dawn
Axel Cool MxS
Detu saws 2
Lazerie MF
Neosyn STS
Powadis BN
Reso TTS
Save Me BJN
Screamer MF
SpaceSine2 MF
SplitEchos MF
Squares2 MF
Sweep Phase
ThirdWob MF
TrancyPWM3 MF
TrancyPWM4 MF
Uni saw STS
WarmPlug MF

Shocking FX

4bar riser 1 STS
Circuitbugs Cc
Falling MxS
FM Raid MxS
Laser Attack MxS
Laserdown2 MF
NeoRiser PH
OmenWisp Ucl
PassingBy JLA
Pitch riser STS
Stab TTS
Starter JLA
Synced riser 1
Synced riser 2
Trancestab TTS
Upto GZ

Instant Arps

PizzicArp2 MF
Plack ran STS
Quantums MF
Slow Guitar sT
Smixes BN
Speedrun MF
Spring bass v2
StereoSeq TTS
String plucks 2
Sunshine Arp
Trance Pump 1
Trancitions GW
Tranzyloop TTS
UpnAway BN
Wizard GZ

Organic Vocals

Choir TTS
Choiratmo TTS
Dream lead 2
Esyn EDT
Formant choir 2
Grus EDT
Kehoir STS
MelloChoir MN
Monk Pad ZA
Syn Ah EDT
Syn Choir MxS
Uplifting pad

Tone2 Nemesis