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Tone2 RayBlaster Synthesizer

The Ambisphere soundset

Ambisphere is the ideal companion for contemporary songwriting, providing instant inspiration for composers.

Jam packed with high-end quality sounds that will bring color to any piece of audio work, Ambisphere takes you on an aural journey filled with organic atmospheres, complex soundscapes, gritty textures, dark drones and evolving effects.

Utilising Rayblaster's unique Impulse Modelling Synthesis (IMS) technology and 70MB of new impulse responses, each preset in Ambisphere has been carefully designed to provide the depth, expression, complexity and beauty required to set the right mood.

Get Ambisphere now and let your songs stand out with a unique sound!

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  • 150 exquisite new presets by professionals
  • Unique sound by using the innovative IMS synthesis
  • Comfortable installation
  • Perfect integration to the user interface
  • All sounds are properly programmed, not only samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality.


This soundset is suitable for a wide range of styles:
Ambient, Electronica, Chillout, Space, New age, Meditation, Soundtrack, IDM, Cinematic, Downtempo, Industrial, Synthpop, Modern classic, Jazz, TV

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners: Himalaya, Ed Ten Eyck, Ingo Weidner, George Zondagh, Massimo Bosco, Satya Choudhury, Rainer Sauer, Stephen Krajewski, Rob Fabrie, Reinhard Reschner,  Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2), Markus Krause (Tone2)


Deep Athmos

Alien Cave H
Ambient Leaves rWs
Bamboo Chimes MxS
Banshee Cry RF
Baryon EDT
Blacken EDT
Breath of Krishna MxS
Buzz Moments EDT
Cavus EDT
Climber BN
Cretin GZ
Crystalized Hearts H
Cut Ringer EDT
Dark Static EDT
Daydream EDT
Dreamaton BN
Drohn Failure BN
Dunwich MxS
Dust and Bones H
Eerie Wavelets IW
Explore EDT
Fizzer EDT
Forests MxS
Fuse EDT
Gas Sphere EDT
Gobi Desert Wind H
Granular Lector 1 IW
Grey Cloud EDT
Heavenly sT
Into the Crater MxS
Kaleidoscope H
Lost in Space MxS
Meridian EDT
Playlow GZ
Protons MxS
Reverence GZ
Rust City Rain H
Segan GZ
Silver Cicle GZ
Sleeper EDT
Slide Mass EDT
Stargazer EDT
Subterrane EDT
Tanpura MxS
Temple of Mars MxS
Terraforming MxS
The Abyss H
Vapor MxS
Warm & Grainy IW
Wave Jump EDT

Deeper Athmos

Ambient North H
Bhali Sunset MxS
Bit Scratch EDT
Bricker GZ
Casper MxS
Crystal Maze H
Curiosity EDT
Deeper EDT
Desert of Mars BN
Droplets GZ
Dystopia 3000 RF
Echelon GZ
Fathom GZ
Flares EDT
Flightpath EDT
Glass Chimes H
Glass Haze EDT
Glassy Grains IW
Grain Spirals IW
Gravitize EDT
Harmoniscape EDT
Homeworld EDT
Hybrid Grains IW
Insects GZ
Light Path EDT
Lunation EDT
Mercury GZ
Morning Tide GZ
Ominous EDT
Pillow Glass EDT
Probe MxS
ReBellic WT IW
Robotic Grains IW
Rok da Bells BN
Sacrifice EDT
Santa Ambientica H
Sauvage MxS
Silent Hills MxS
Skylight GZ
Slim Warmy 1 IW
Starlight MxS
Symbiant Lives BN
Synambi EDT
The Antarctic H
The Origin GZ
Tick Bell EDT
Tubulaglasstica H
Umbra EDT
Venus Hue EDT
Wave Echoes IW

Deepest Athmos

Ambient Smooth H
Blazar EDT
Brighten EDT
Cepheid EDT
Chromium Gates H
Darkness began BN
Galactic Dream H
Granular Lector 2 IW
Heartbreak GZ
Heaven MxS
Ice Space H
Longfade EDT
Lunar Walk H
Manic Orchestra GZ
Metalz H
Meticule GZ
Mist GZ
Orbital H
Outpost GZ
Slow Flux EDT
Tonne GZ
Trancemission Fail GZ
Traveller EDT
Venus Mermaids MxS
Warm in Here sT
WT Scan Pad 1 IW

Athmos with impressive Effects

Ade MxS
Alien Glide MxS
Ants In Space H
Atomic Wind MxS
Droplet GZ
Embryons MxS
Fade Alarm EDT
Free Falling MxS
FX Alarm Noise H
FX Fractured Space H
Jinx MxS
Jumpers EDT
Kinks EDT
MartianGoHome SK
MetallicDebris MF
Odd Things EDT
Pluto Stones MxS
Scrapebarrel BN
Starship RR
Sweeper MxS
Turbulences RR
Warp Chatter EDT
Whales MxS
Yuggoth Fungi MxS