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ElectraX - The complete synthesis solution!

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ElectraX - The complete synthesis solution!

The award- winning ElectraX is one of the most powerful synthesizers ever” - a bold claim perhaps - but allow us to explain.

Tone2 ElectraX ® offers unlimited possibilities and replaces a rack full of high-end quality hardware.
ElectraXʼs structure provides up to 4 separate multitimbral synthesizers, each one consisting of up to 54 oscillators, together with dual multimode-filters, flexible modulation and an impressive effects section.

The oscillators offer far more than just boring standard waveforms. ElectraX is capable of an amazing 13 different synthesis methods. Of particular note is the exclusive Fractal Synthesis which creates absolutely unique sounds which are simply not possible with any other synthesizer.
ElectraX offers an incredible array of combinable synthesis options for very little CPU usage, which is a considerable achievement considering just how much power this synthesizer has.
It is also blessed with an easy to use GUI of outstanding clarity, as well as a highly user-friendly preset manager which allows access to a huge library of professionally programmed sounds from some of the worldʼs leading names in preset design.

“An essential purchase and fully deserving of being your one go-to synth... outstanding do-it-all synth... hugely versatile synth that can excel in any genre... hugely powerful, diverse synthesis... stunning presets... excellent filters... all Christmases have come at once”
Score: 9 from 10 possible points; Computer Music Award

“A synthesizer inspired by the Virus, Microwave and 303 sounds pricks one’s ears... A swiss army knife of synthesis methods - it’s hard to beat ElectraX in versatility... Smooth and analog... There is nearly nothing what ElectraX can’t do. It offers unlimited possibilities, an easy-to-use interface and it is very CPU friendly.”
Score: 6 from 6 possible points; Editor’s recommendation

“Impressive presets with high value... absolutely up-to-date sound design... genial overall sound... convincing quality... voluminous equipment... pleasing low CPU”

Computer_Music magazine 03/2011
Beat magazine 3/2011
Keys magazine 5/2011
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Synthesis Methods & Oscillator Features

ElectraX offers both traditional synthesis styles as well as seemingly futuristic ones. These range from classic Virtual Analogue to the exclusive and previously unimagined Fractal oscillators.
ElectraX has the power to create unique sounds which are not possible with any other synthesizer. There are 13 different synthesis methods available each of which can be combined with any other. ElectraX offers enormous scope for sound creation, being limited only by your imagination. It really does open up whole new avenues of sonic capability in innovative and inspiring ways.

Samples and Wavetables

ElectraX is much more than just a generator. It gives users the ability to import their own samples and waveforms which can then be modulated further internally, effectively making it act as a sampler. Not only that, you also have the option of resynthesizing any imported samples or waveforms and then further modulating them. ElectraX also contains a huge selection of licensed wave content which includes morphable analogue and digital waveforms.


Each layer within ElectraX contains two multi-mode filters with 32 unique filter types and multi-mode distortions. The incredible sounding filters are able to self- oscillate and can produce a wide range of timbres owing to the variable degree of analogue behaviour. ElectraX comes with a large number of unique filter types which are not available in any other product. The high-end quality filters include several options that allow users to further sculpt each sound with high precision. A dual distortion unit offers six different modes which range from classic tube pre-amp distortions, through fuzz-box type distortion, or even all the way to wave shaping.


ElectraX has a master and insert effects section consisting of 18 high quality effects specifically built and fine-tuned to complement ElextraX's sound. The effects can be used per layer to influence that specific layer only, or as a master effect to enhance the sound as a whole. Whatever your needs in this area are, ElectraX has it covered, for example a large reverb, a Vocoder, a multi-tap, a massive ensemble: the list is endless.


ElectraX has a particularly extensive modulation section allowing you to add modulation wherever you need it. The section consists of fast and punchy-sounding envelopes, high quality LFO which can be synchronized to BPM and modulate up to the audible range and also a step LFO which can be used to create rhythmic sequences or custom wave shapes.
The modulation matrix is another way to further enhance your sound, allowing for simple or extremely complex modulation settings to be used. Each layer has it's own Mod Matrix available.


One preset setup can handle up to four full-featured synthesizers with four independent arpeggiators and step sequencers. The arpeggiator supports autochord, swing, glide and keyboard splitting. These options allow you to create impressive sequences with several instruments playing at the same time, providing a creative and hands-on experience for a live performance.

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Summary of Key Features

  • Four synthesizers in one interface
  • High-end sound quality
  • Huge sonic range
  • High flexibility
  • 13 different, combinable synthesis methods
  • Free support and updates
  • Psychoacoustic processing
  • Low CPU load, multicore processor support
  • Easy to use
  • 4x multitimbral, 4x stereo unison
  • Over 1000 sounds in 575 presets by professional sound designers
  • 32 exclusive analog modeled filter types
  • 45 oscillator types
  • 18 effect types; Master effect section with Equalizer
  • More than 1000 waveforms
  • 64x4 voices
  • Midi learn
  • Customizable user interface with 4 skins
  • Expandability
  • Standalone version for PC
  • Flexible preset management
  • Context sensitive help

Summary of Features per Synthesizer Layer (x4)

  • Several playmodes: Monophonic, legato, polyphonic, glide
  • 3 multi-synthesis oscillators
  • Dual multimode filters
  • Dual multimode distortion/waveshaper
  • 3 LFOs (global or per voice) and a Step LFO, BPM syncable
  • Four Envelope generators
  • Arpeggiator
  • Insert effect, BPM syncable
  • Flexible modulation
  • Key splitting

Summary of Synthesis methods & OSC features

  • Virtual analog
  • FM
  • Sample playback and import of own samples with loop/sustain loop support
  • Wavetables with resynthesis function and the ability to load own waveforms
  • Ultrasaw (up to 18 detuned oscillators per voice)
  • Fractal (a completely new synthesis method)
  • Phase distortion
  • Waveshaping
  • Exclusive oscillator types
  • PWM
  • Sync
  • Noise
  • Ringmod
  • Vocoder
  • Analog oscillator drift modeling
  • Fat tuning

There are 18 warm sounding effect types:

  • Reverbs: Hall, Cathedral, Room
  • Delays: Delay, Delay band, Ping Pong, Multitap
  • Chorus, Ensemble, Phaser, Flanger, Rotary
  • Trancegate, Compressor, Ampsim, Equalizer, Surround Encode
  • Vocoder

23 exclusive filter types

  • 11 analog modeled filters with self oscillation: Lowpass/Highpass/Bandpass 12dB/18dB/24dB, Moog, Filter-FM
  • High precision digital filters: Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Notch
  • Equalizers: LowShelf, HighShelf, Peak, Wide
  • Special types: Phaser, Comb+, Comb-, Vocals, Aliaser, Ringmod
  • Exclusive fractal filters
Tastes are different - that’s why Tone2 ElectraX ships with 4 designs.
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System requirements
PC: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / ME (32 bit or 64 bit); Intel Pentium4 compatible CPU
Mac: Mac OSX 10.3 or higher; PowerPC, G4, G5 or Intel Mac (32 or 64 bit)

PC formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, 32 bit standalone, 64 bit stanalone
Mac formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, 32-bit Audiounit, 64-bit Audiounit; Universal Binary

Our software does also work with touchscreens.

Intel Motorola AMD processor optimized
Windows and Steinberg VST VSTi compatible
Mac universal binary Audio Unit compatible
Vista 64 bit Apple Mac compatible
Windows7_compatible The PC version is available as native 64 bit or 32 bit software Works with touchscreens